Marx and Weber

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I believe that both Marx and Weber were extremely intelligent men and some parts of their theories are still present and applied to this very day. On the topic of Karl Marx, I would agree that there is exploitation in this world and that companies often attempt to pay their employees the lowest possible wage. Nevertheless, there are current movements and companies that have been expanding the wages and benefits given to their employees.

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Additionally, I would also agree that the workers are often alienated from their product. I believe since most people see the product as just a means of getting wages to sustain themselves, and they themselves do not get to keep the product that they make, it is in fact just a means of survival, meaning nothing to them. In addition, I also see Marx as the more inspirational of the two. Marx encouraged a revolution and you can really see his emphasis and determination in his works.

However, I would disagree with the fact that we are alienated from our co-workers. I often find my co-workers at the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office and myself intermingling, working together and supporting each other. In addition, I find his solution of communism as an impossible solution for several reasons. First, Marx never really defined what communism would fully look like. How is it possible to implement a system that no one knows what all it exactly should consist of? Second, multiple places in the world that adopted a communist system often failed or collapsed, and turned back towards a system of capitalism. With the lack of any successful examples of a fully working communist system, I would have to disagree with Marx on the theory that socialism/communism would be the best system of economy in the present day and age.

My thoughts on Max Weber vary as well. I believe that his study of history is extremely important to understanding and measuring things in the present day. I believe that history is extremely important for making decisions in today’s world in order to avoid the mistakes of the past. This includes using an ideal type designed from structures throughout history to perfect and compare our current structures today. I also agree with his three types of authority. I believe the three types can be clearly seen throughout the world today and how they often come together in each authority.

However, I believe that Weber is too harsh on bureaucracies and is too pessimistic about the future. Bureaucracies have developed the world to what it is today with billions of people happy and content with their lives. I do not believe the bureaucratic powers are overreaching or that they need to be controlled by any outside forces. I believe Weber’s view about what the world will become is too pessimistic and that he should realize that advancements taking place throughout society each and every day often make the world a better place. In addition, I believe Weber tried to talk about too much and if he had focused more on specific topics his writing could have been more put together, detailed and interesting.

Overall, I believe both Karl Marx and Max Weber have very important points and have greatly influenced history and thought throughout the world. Both men have provided theories to help mankind better understand our world and our relations with it in the hope that someday we can further expand on them in order to promote the improvement of this world.

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