Kar Marx the Revolutionary

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Kar Marx The Revolutionary

Karl Marx, the German philosopher, Radical, Economist and Revolutionary leader born in 1818, father of communism. He is Son of a lawyer and trier, he spent most of childhood at the museum. After his high school he became interested in philosophy and became a lawyer like his father. He was born in a middle class family, Marx had a very good education from different universities, studied a lot of different things, and later he received his Doctorate from the University of Jenna I 1841. Marx is one of the famous revolutionary philosophers in the nineteen Century. When he was studying, he met Frederick Angel who became his best friend and supporter.

Karl Marx was is still influential today. He influenced many thinkers including those who created the Soviet Union. He defined through his theory of materialism how the world should define their mode of production. He promoted the use of tools, machines, factories, and land in addition to human labor.

He was known for Marxism, and the founder of socialism and communism movement around the word. This is the Author who never believed in God just because in his mind anything you cannot see, or touch doesn't exist. Father of seven Children, but unfortunately only three of them survived. He never followed politicians to define life, but concentrated on history and how people lived in the past. When he was a baby, he was baptized in a Church and at the age of six, Marx attended a Lutheran elementary school since that was his parents preference. Later he became, an atheist, and materialist.

Marx believe that people have only false imagination of God. Marx continued his career and ideas and he became a great thinker, He started applying his knowledge in society by writing journals, and articles. People found his writing interesting. He was not easy to convince. He was the type of person who request evidence on almost everything. When he reached maturity, he thought about getting married and have children to found a family. He married his childhood sweetheart.

In 1843, he married his love of life Jenny Von Wesphallen who was known as the most beautiful woman in town. His wife was very supportive in his career,. They had seven children and only 3 children survive, That was a hard situation for the couple. Despites his reputation of being a difficult person, he had soft heart towards children. He deeply loved his own daughter. Despites his grief after losing his children, he continued writing. He was born to write and to contribute to society. In his time, people didn't enjoy equal rights. There was the upper class which is the bourgeois and the lower class that was exploited without getting paid. Both boys and girls were exploited. Marx was against such treatments so he started looking for ways to stop human exploitation.

Therefore, he thought that machines can do the human work while humans are contributing in something that will benefit more the economy. He started the idea of capitalism with Frederic Angel who joined him in politics. He started his book titled Communist manifesto in addition to his articles. His writings led workers all over Europe to stand for their rights and freedom. Workers realized that they deserve better treatment. The bourgeois started making machines to replace human workers. They realized that machines are even better.

During the revolution, Marx exiled to London with his wife in a very poor condition. His friend Frederick Angel supported him financially. He succeeded to complete his book Communist manifesto. In 1881 his wife died of Cancer. That was a blow that Marx never recovered. He started over drinking because of depression. Two years later in 1883, sitting in his chair, he died is his writing chair. His friend Frederic Angel buried him in London with a big honor.

This is one of the famous philosopher and revolutionary of he's time. Marx has been a legend in the economy and revolutionary system. He played a hugged role in human revolution in the nineteen centuries. His philosophy help liberate human and he contributed to the wellness of this world. His work is still relevant today. He will always be remembered.


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