Karl Marx’ Idea of Alienation

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Karl Marx is well known for his blueprint philosophy when it comes to capitalism, but within that comes this major idea of alienation which is a huge factor in today’s society. Marx has major key components to alienation such as technology, self other and the product these things are major factors in alienation in capitalism. Another major factor is the actual modern work and species being.

When Marx states species being he’s saying that us as a whole being is creating alienation with our phones on social m edia and competitors within the industry’s. Modern work alienation is quite unique and is one of Marx’s thoughts on alienation. For example people who work in large industrial factories can’t feel an actual connection in what they are making as opposed t o someone who is making things out of their house.

This causes those people in factories to feel like that aren’t making an impact on other people which alienates them because of the Modern workforce. Another form of modern work alienation is because of te chnology. Now more than ever technology is becoming very advanced, as a result of that things that we used to need people to do technology can which leds to the alienation of people from their work.

An example of this that I experienced in my life was with my grandfather he used to be into sales and go door to door selling things until eventually he moved to an office selling thing through the phone. I personally asked what he prefers more and why, and he stated the door to door because it created more of a connection as opposed to selling through the phone. Lastly is the concept of Alienation from yourself.

The constant focus of your work can consume an individual, many people often end up bringing their work home and other places outside of the actual wor k place. This results in alienation from yourself, losing who you really are and not having the freedom everyone deserves. For example I used to work at cold stone creamery in high school, I often found my boss asking me to pick up extra shifts and co work ers asking me to cover for them.

I always said yes which resulted in me not having any free time to myself which is a prime example of alienation from self due to capitalism. Karl Marx theory on capitalism is viewed by some as second to none. Within those ideas is a major key component which is alienation. Alienation in today’s world is all over due to technology, modern work, product and self other.  

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