Makeup: Cosmetics and Women

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Running Head: Makeup Makeup 15TH JULY 2009 Today, makeup has become a hot topic among society. Almost everyone applies make-up on their faces. Everyone knows that women apply makeup the most, but not men. Do really only females can do make-up or apply makeup? No! The era is changing now. In order to enhance physical appearance, men apply make-up on their faces too. They apply make-up more than any females which are most of the males or men’s purchasing cosmetics more than females.

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“Makeup: Cosmetics and Women”

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But, women apply make-up in a same way too. They apply make-up just to change the appearance of the current outlook. They just want to show more confidence without the shallow eyes after make-up was apply. Besides that, men apply make-up due to the rise of the metro-sexual; make-up is the right of men, too, and no longer the sole right of women. Metro-sexual is a term referring to a man who is meticulous about his appearance. He is always in fashion and very well groomed.

Therefore, there are six reasons why women and men apply make-up to their faces: women love putting on make-up in order to enhance their physical appearance; putting make-up can increase the confidence of women; women should be able to apply make-up due to it is a social manner; men love make-up because they have started to become concerned about their physical outlook; in today’s world, most of the cosmetic products contain skin protections which enable men or women to use them, and men use makeup in order to cover the pores or scars on their faces.

Normally, most of the women would love putting make-up in order to enhance their physical appearance. According to Hazel Leong (2007), “people looking good with their physical appearance does anything also will feel easy because people will react to them more optimistically. People always tend to deal with them better because people do judge others by their poise and contentment shown in their total outlook. ”(Leong, H. 2007. 3 secret Makeover tips to Enhance Your Appearance! ). Hence, makeup is a necessary tool for women, apply the right makeup can improve any women’s physical appearance.

In order to apply the right makeup and techniques could be learn from reading a books or asking a friend. (Dating Advice About Physical Attractiveness, 30th June 2009). It is so easy to understand why women love putting make-up. The women want to be attractive and beautiful among the people through putting different kind of make-up products on their faces. By enhance physical appearance women use concealer, foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and so on apply on their faces to make them look more attractive and alluring.

Besides that, the women want to catch someone’s attention that they admired. So, women apply make-up to make them become more beautiful and pretty. Moreover, makeup becomes a habit for some women since they were applying the make-up too often. At the end, these women were relying on makeup, without makeup they rather not going out in front the door because they feel not comfortable without putting make-up on their faces. Furthermore, women love people praise them beautiful so they apply makeup to cover the blemish, freckles or acne scars on their faces to make them look more charming and spirit.

Therefore, women love putting make-up since it can enhance their appearance, making them more attractive, catch someone’s attention that they admire, feel comfort after applying make-up, and get people praise them up. Not everyone is perfect in the world; one may have some weakness on their physical outlook. In the past thousands of years still today’s world, women are so mind their physical outlook, by the way women putting make-up to increase their confidence. This is because physical appearances are generic and are not going to change. No one can grow second time; people cannot grow two more inches and cannot change the shape of our face.

By then, create a variety of amazing looks by how people style and apply make-up. (Mason, Linda. 1994. Makeup: The Art of Beauty). Hence, makeup can help those women who look not nice or have some skin problems that they probably lack of confidence. The reason why they lack of confidence is it is so imperative to make a great first impression due to the world is so cruel and superficial. People do judge a book by its cover. (Adrian Sullivan, K. 30th June 2009, Why Wear Make-up). So, they use make-up to cover their blemish or scar on their faces to make their appearance look good and more confidence.

Moreover, properly applied foundation and blush can give a youthful glow and brighten our face. The women look youth after make-up was apply. Besides that, not only ugly women need makeup, good looking women need too! This is because some may look no spirit due to their eyes are not big enough or attract and this will properly make them look like no confidence and no spirit. Eyes are the window of soul, in order to make eyes look more spirit and making themselves confidence, women need to apply make-up to make their eyes big a bit and look more spirit.

If they are work in the society already then it is worst for them because no customers would like to deal with the people that they look no confidence and no spirit. Customer would not have confidence on them. According to Wayne Clements, Chief Sales Coach, Authentic Consulting, “people judge others positively or negatively in large part on their physical attractiveness. Enhance attractiveness will increase sales. ” (Clements, W. 2004, 20 Tips to Look Perfect for Your Customer). One thing should be careful is lightly makeup is suitable but heavy makeup is not allow it will cause the sales lose.

Therefore, apply make-up is a need for women since it can help them improve their confidence, physical appearance, and is a claim for work. Furthermore, women should be able to apply make-up due to it is a social manner. Since it is so many people apply make-up in today’s world and it is so common to see people makeup on their face in anywhere, makeup becomes a social manner. Besides that, apply make-up will becomes a social manner is because it present that respect to the other person so the women want to show good status in front of the people and try the hard to making themselves look best.

As a social manner, women should never appear themselves floppy in front of people. Moreover, if one appears themselves a dirty face with natural outlook but have many acne or blemish on the face in front of people will lead people to have a bad gauge to them. Since, makeup is a social manner and it influence how people think about others; women should be able to apply make-up since it is a social manner in today’s world. In this time and day, men love make-up because they have started to concern about their physical outlook. It is not surprise to see men apply make-up now.

The metro-sexual is growing in numbers, and it might be more than a passing trend. Today, there are endless of cosmetic product dedicated to men. According to NPD Group, a market information company, “ men in American spent $1 billion in grooming products in 2002, skincare alone covering $47 million of that. This is a 9% increase since 2000. ” ( Douglas, C. 2009, Lifestyle Commentator). Hence, it is not surprise to see men apply makeup or buy cosmetics now. In today’s world, people can find that anyone of the guy that they are around to them, their bag may have the concealer, sun-block, and so on.

They want to look good and more handsome because they wish to attract more people or just want to cover the blemish on their face. Besides that, their appearance affects the first impression they give people and remains a major factor in how people gauge them. So, first image is so important especially if you want to give someone good impression or image. Hence, men started to apply make-up and concern about their physical outlook. Moreover, most of the cosmetics products that contain skin protections which enable men or women to use them. Some of the cosmetics contain sun-block protection, or SPF to help protect your skin away from sun burn.

If UV ray are direct into your skin, as day pass by, it will lead to a disease. SPF or Sun Protection can protect skin from UVB rays, the kind of radiation that causes sunburn. So, women and men are applying make-up to protect their skin and enhance their physical appearance by doing so. Besides that, they can save the money to buy sun-block since most of the cosmetics products contain sun-block function in it. One more thing is according to Chrissy Dolezal (2007), “the ways sunlight changes throughout the day can influence the way makeup appear in photo. (Dolezal, C. 2007, Makeup Makeovers: Wedding). Hence, the makeup needs to reapply according to the change of sunlight. Last but not least, men taking more time to putting on make-up on their faces than women in everyday in order to cover the pore or scar on their faces. According to Chrissy Dolezal (2007), “there are a different between men and women and although men wearing cosmetics seems to be crossing a barrier that was once there; makeup needs to be applied differently to men than it does to women. ” (Chrissy, 2009).

So, men need to apply and learn makeup correctly to avoid lead to skin problems. Some of the men are stress about the pimples on their faces due to the skin problems or hormone problems. The acne scar will leave on the faces though the acne may be removing. So, the men need concealer stick to hide the scar on their faces to keep their physical outlook good looking. Why they will doing so also because their physical appearance may look nice but due to the acne on their faces it hide they real look behind. Hence, men use cosmetics on their face to make them look nice and good looking.

Besides, apply make-up help them show the good impression in front of people and they no need to worry the scar or blemish problems make them look bad anymore. Other than that, their faces are look cleanses and good after make-up was applied. This helps them to keep their skin look health and young looking. Therefore, it is necessary for men to apply makeup too. In conclusion, makeup was the right of men, too, and no longer the sole right for women only. Putting make-up on the faces can get help a lot for women and men.

Hence, makeup is necessary for women and men. For women, putting make-up on their faces can help them become more alluring and beautiful when the scar or blemish is cover. Having a nice physical appearance help them attract someone’s attention. Moreover, they wish to be the most beautiful among the people around them and some of them already treat makeup as a habit for them. Without putting make-up on their faces they will feel uncomfortable. Besides that, women love putting make-up is because they can gain confidence again after make-up was applied.

Through the way of putting make-up, they can cover the blemish or acne scar on their faces. And, it is a social manner need for them to do that. For men, it is because they are started to concern about their physical outlook since first impression is so imperative. Other than that, they use to apply makeup in order to cover the pore or scar on their faces to make them become more handsome. Besides, both women and men apply make-up due to most of the cosmetics products contain skin protections. Some of the cosmetics contain sun protection function, or SPF to help protect them away from sunburn.

Therefore, apply make-up is really need for women and men in today’s world. References Chrissy Dolezal, April 2005, Men’s Makeup, Makeup Tips for Men Who Choose to Wear Cosmetics, from https://make-up-application. suite101. com/article. cfm/means_makeup Chrissy Dolezal, April 2007, Makeup Makeovers: Weddings, from https://beauty-products. suite101. com/article. cfm/makeup_makeovers_weddings. Clements Wayne, Chief Sales Coach, Authentic Consulting, May 2004, 20 Tips to Look Perfect for Your Customer, from https://www. authentic-consulting. com/tips-to-look-perfect-for-customer. tml Dating Advice About Physical Attractiveness, July, 30th, 2009, from https://www. solvedating. com/dating-advice-phusical. html Douglas, Cooney. (2009) . Should Men Wear Makeup? Every other Tuesday. https://www. au. askmen. com/daily/austin_60/95b_fashion Leong, Hazel. (2007) . 3 secret Makeover tips to Enhance Your Appearance! https://www. articlesbase. com/women’s-issues-articles/3-secret-makeover-tips-to-enhance-your-appearance-161969. html Mason, Linda. (2003). Makeup: The Art of beauty. NY. Watson-Guptill, from https://books. google. com. my/books? id=iU9o1CxR7owC&dq=makeup&as_brr=0

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