Women’s Fight for Women’s Rights

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This is Daryhan Villa from the William Randolph Heart’s New York Journal. The date of October 29th-31st of the year of 1901, The National Press Conference was held at the state capital in Washington D.C. Vice President Mr. Theodore Roosevelt was the moderator of the conference. Many groups of Activists and Reformers, Radicals, Social Darwinism, and Populists spoke at the conference on behalf of who they were what they did in their living, and what they were best known for. We had a great amount of well known people attend the conference including Mrs. Mary Harris Jones, Mr. Carnegie, Mr. John D. Rockefeller, Ida Tarbell, Ms. Mary E. Lease, Ms. Jane Adams and many more. The biggest and most important topics of the conference included wealth distribution and poverty, businesses under monopolies, social and political classes, equality and race, education, culture, government, private property, Laissez- Faire, equality and economic support.

The conference brought many viewpoints on how people foresaw their own society. American Irish School-Teacher and dressmaker Mrs. Mary Harris Jones, also known as Mother Jones started off the conference by introducing herself she became a prominent organized labor representative and community organizer and co founded the Industrial Workers of the World (proved the industrial union could succeed). She worked tirelessly for economic justice and was a fearless fighter for women's rights. Many more guests such as Booker T. Washington who was best known for his educational advancements and promoting equality towards race especially of African Americans, Jane Addams who was best known for leading the women's suffrage, and fighting for women's rights and equality. These strong advocated guests were head on about equality and rights. Race and gender, didn’t matter to them and they believe everyone should have the same rights as the people around them. Mr. John D. Rockefeller, and Ida Tarbell have both been against each other in which Mr. Rockefeller’s companies are unfair due to his practices and monopolies enforced into his businesses and workers, Monopolies bring no economic growth into a business and it’s not fair to the employees unless they are wealthy or have power. The employees and businesses have low wages and no sales or production is being brought out of the companies. Ms. Ida Tarbell has worked upon Mr. Rockefeller's tactics and decided to call out his works to the government and destroy the monopolies that some companies then recieved.. Mr. Thomas Malthus, a economist and demographer who believes that deaths, births, income all illustrates the changes in the structure of human life populations. He also believed that population growth will tend to outrun food supply. Mr. Upton Sinclair a polemicist of socialism, health, free speech and workers rights. Best known for his novel, The Jungle. Wrote because Sinclair was tasked to investigate the working conditions in the meat industry. He believed employees were not getting paid well and the wealth wasn’t very successful in the businesses. Their were other important topics brought up but the most productive were presented freely thought more of the guests.

I didn’t agree well with Mr. Rockefeller and his practices he bestowed upon his employees and businesses. Monopolies are horrible and bring down businesses. When a company has a monopoly prices are too high and wages are too low. Production and sales decrease due to what monopolies cause. When wages are low employees don’t get paid well, bringing no effort into what they do for the business to become better.

I do agree entirely on Mrs. Jane Addams, she worked so hard to get woman’s rights and equality bestowed on the people around her. She did not care on race or your social class. I agree with Mrs. Addams because everyone should be treated equally especially us woman who can do just as much as men. Everyone should have their own word and right to do the same as the people/woman around them.

During the press conference, it definitely showed others and myself what these guests are best known for, what they have gone through, and what accomplishments they have done to their society. It showed us how some of the guests felt towards one another and how they took the opportunity to discuss their own views, and the way others had either agreed with them or disagreed. Catch us next week on the William Randolph Heart’s New York Journal.

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