What if Women didn’t have the Right to Vote?

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Fortunately, all of that changed thanks to the 19th amendment. The 19th Amendment gave white woman the right to vote when it was passed by Congress and was ratified on August 18, 2018. The 19th amendment is a law that impacted the U.S. in a good way and a bad way. Unfortunately, just like any other law the 19th amendment has its pros and cons.

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“What if Women didn’t have the Right to Vote?”

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A benefit about the idea that women could vote is the fact that their voices being heard helps democracy. Since democracy has a huge role in our nation having their voices heard helps democracy a by giving the government more perspectives to look at than just men’s perspective. If the government does look at more than one perspective they can make better decisions for the country. This leads me to my next point women having the right to vote can make citizens involved in society more. When citizens are involved in society they know what’s going on in our government. When citizens know what is going on in our government when they vote and they are more likely to make better decisions that can help government.

Having women vote makes modern women more independent and educated than previous generations that were not educated. Why you may ask? To vote you need to be educated, so you know what is going on in the country. In the previous generations they weren’t educated so when they voted they probably based it on their husbands vote. When your educated you are more likely to become independent and vote on issues in the government and not what others vote for. When a woman is educated they can have better careers which can help their country.

After reading some pros you may be wondering what are some cons or disadvantages about women being able to vote. A drastic change might not be a good change to citizens lifestyle that they are used to. In previous generations the women had a certain role they had to play. They would clean, cook,wash clothes, and not go to school while the men and little boys would get an education. would work. If that certain role was not done their lifestyle would change in a bad way. They would not even clean because they might feel more independant and think the can do whatever they want. Even if they speak out their mind or have their voices heard they wouldn’t be taken seriously. Since voting was mainly set up for men that owned property.

This leads me to my next point about how only white women were allowed to vote. This wasn’t actually fair because back then people were judged by their skin color or their status. When they said all citizens were allowed to vote it wasn’t true because it was only white women and citizens who had high status were allowed to vote. Even if some women agreed with the fact that they should vote many of them were against that fact including Queen Victoria. A lot of women thought that the law should stay as it is and only white men could vote.

In conclusion, there is many pros and cons about women having the right to vote just like men. All of these pros and cons lead up to this law being passed and ratified. This law known as the 19th amendment has played a part in society today. Fortunately, some changes were added to this law which helped women with different color skin and citizens with lower status to vote.

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