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Have you ever had a situation of a broken relationship? That might be the result of be lack of consideration to others. People are more overconfident than before and sometimes ignore other’s feelings. It is noticeable that the society has an increased number of suicides, and the victims of domestic violence has not decreased because people do not considerate or want to understand each other. The world would be a better place if we have more consideration through people, because that will make the family have more understanding, less suicide in the society, and provide a sense of security for people.

People may never realize how serious the problem is for domestic violence. Many of the news have shown that a lot of child was hurt by the family unfortunately. For instance, an alcoholic father, an out- marriage mother, strong arguments and fighting went through their life. Domestic violence is the biggest killer for a complete family. It ruins a family mentally or physically. If they can have ore consideration for their child, turn to then child’s side and consider them precisely, there would be less domestic violence exist in the world.

Another serious issue for teenagers in society is suicide. It always come from then teenagers who have much stress or ow-educated family. From a middle school, which is the first-place middle school of Shenzhen, one of the high-grade student had been suicide. That was from my middle school so I could never forget it. Someone said that she died because of the stress from her family.

They have a high standard for her but she got a low score accidently in the exam. They said they feel disappointed of her because she had never got such a useless score and she could not bear the abuse. She chose to end her life and jump out from the rooftop of the school. If there were more consideration in her life, and if her family and her friends consider more about her, talk to her, she would not choose to do that. It is so essential that more consideration through each other.

Most people are lack a sense of security sometimes, while a small number of people are always in this state. The environment, past trauma, recent experience of failure or rejection, loneliness, social anxiety, negative views of oneself, perfectionism, or harsh parents or partners may all contribute to the insecurity of such people. The main negative factors affecting happiness are the end of a relationship, followed by the death of a partner, unemployment and poor health.

Considering that an individual’s happiness affects his or her self-confidence level, failure or rejection often brings a blow to his or her self-confidence. At this point, give yourself time to heal and adapt to a new state of life. Keep your own interests and curiosity, go out and integrate into life. The most important thing is, find the people you trust and talk to them. More consideration gives you more sense of security.

If we have more consideration through people, because that will make the family have more understanding, less suicide in the society, and provide a sense of security for people. Some people may consider that what does it make differences between them. It’s their own business and they should care of themselves. But the point is beginning at such small things. More consideration and understanding through each other’s mind, the world would be a better place.   

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