Poverty in the World

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Poverty happens all over the world. Poverty is a human condition when being unable to provide a standard level of food, water, or shelter. It is unlikely for it to disappear any time soon. One of the worst cases of poverty is in Haiti. Haiti is a caribbean country that struggles with poverty and domestic violence. Haiti has a very high crime rate. Living in poverty can be very difficult but people don’t see it until they live in the living conditions haitians live in. If people all came together as one, poverty can be helped by trying to rebuild what this country was.

Poverty is one of the most difficult obstacles a family could go through. Knowing how to prevent or get out of it is step closer to success. Haitians can try and stay out of poverty by trying to get better jobs. This is hard in Haiti as it is one of the poorest countries. 1 out of 2 people were in poverty living on $2.41 a day. No one can actually live off of this with trying to provide for a family. Jobs in Haiti don’t have fair wages which can make it easier to slip into poverty. Haitians need to keep their heads up in order to try and get out of this tragedy. “Haiti can only truly turn the corner by graduating from donor-dependency to self-sufficiency through a focus on education and economic growth.” (Jay Moye).

Some people are brought into poverty which makes it harder for them to get out of it. Children have to lose out on getting an education at a very young age because they have to help provide for their families. Yes, getting an education is very difficult when you are living in poverty because that might risk from getting necessities for a amount of time, but maybe if they went to school part time and work part time the can make it work. If people were to do this then it could first result in them struggling while in school but, when they get out they can have many more better opportunities that can take them far in life. The children deserve the opportunity to get a good education because they shouldn’t have to struggle too. “Education can be the catalyst needed to pull families and communities out of the cycle of poverty. Knowledge gives children the power to dream of a better future and the confidence needed to pursue a full education, which in turn will help generations to come.”(child fund).

Poverty is a huge matter in Haiti and together our community can help them. Our community may not be the biggest, but if people all worked together it could make a huge difference in someone's life. The first step to helping people in poverty is to educate ourselves about what it truly is. So what really is poverty? Poverty is when people live under low standards. They don't have sufficient access to basic human needs such as money, food, clean water, clothing, shelter, medication and furniture. To help this people could donate clothes, participate in coat drives, and also food drives. Anything can help them.

People truly do not understand how bad it is to not have clean water. Things like clean water and canned food people take for granted each and everyday. Haitians would be so happy to receive a bottled water or even canned goods. The little things matter. It is important that people see these issue and do not just bypass them but actually take charge. Maybe we could even get some doctors down to haiti to give the children vacancies because most of these innocent children do not even go to their annual checkups. They end up dying from illnesses. If people all came together, everyone could do a little part and together it would make a huge difference. People need to notice this problem more and take charge instead of ignoring it.

In Haiti there is an incredibly large amount of people who can not go to school for education. With that being said, the US needs to help them rebuild schools for the young children and give them a good education. If we helped build schools and educated people to become teachers to these hopeless children it could make an enormous difference. The school could provide lunches and clean water for the children so nobody goes home hungry. Giving these children opportunities like this could help poverty in the future because it would educate them to want to do good and strive for a good job in the future.

If children get the education they deserve and start to look for jobs, they are going to need better jobs that pay accurate wages. Some of the wages haitians have are so low there is no way anybody could live off of only about three dollars a day. If we created more jobs for haitians, this could have a tremendous impact on poverty. By bringing work wages up and creating new jobs, we could provide paid sick days since they do not have vaccines a lot, they will get sick and it is not their fault.

As a strong nation, we can and are able to change haitians lives that like in world poverty today. This complicated fact is just as complicated as finding the causes to poverty. In stable countries such as the United States and Canada, logicians have blamed the poor for causing their own poverty. It is thought that the poor have little concern for their futures and prefer to live in the moment. This is outrageously wrong because in poverty you are characterized as poor and there is nothing to do to change that status. This is from generations in the past that has been passed down, slowly building a hopeless feeling to anyone living in poverty.

According to UNICEF, 21,000 children die every day due to poverty. Their lives go unnoticed. At the most, 876 million adults are illiterate. Over 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 Canadian a day. 40 million are living with HIV and AIDS, counting almost 3 million deaths as of 2004. An average of 2.5 billion people are to rely on biomass such as fuel wood, charcoal and animal dung, to cook with how low the energy is around there. Every 4 seconds, a child is dying; these silent killers can range from malnutrition, diseases, war, water, and sanitation.

The world could help poverty in so many ways. Why not cut down the amount of energy wasted to rich nations and give the billions of people who struggle everyday access to energy? Lack in energy services is a serious problem to economic and social development to any country. If the world could give access to energy to haitians, that would be one step closer to making a difference. Craig Kielburger had once stated that, "We so often feel powerless to do anything about the many problems in the world around us. We are so often left to wonder whether one person can possibly make a difference. Mother Teresa said yes we can and her life was resounding proof that it is possible." Anything is possible if people all worked together so why not start with this to change innocent people's lives living in poverty permanently.

The world can help Haiti get out of poverty in many different ways. One way the world can help reduce poverty in Haiti is developing and implementing rapid and sustained growth policies and programs. For example, they can allow the poor to contribute or participate to the growth of their communities. Most of the poor depend on natural resources. And if they have better access to those resources it would make things much easier. They also can create more access to jobs and give more opportunity which I feel like would make a big change. It would help if people supported those who cannot support themselves and give them that opportunity until they can care for themselves. I think if some of the poor people in Haiti had the same opportunities as others they would be better off. If everyone had an equal opportunity, more people will be helped.

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