Life in the US Without the Constitution

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What would life be like in the US without the Constitution? Life would be very tough with no laws protecting our people. Chances are that we would have a tyranny by now without or government. This means that we would be under the control of one ruler, not a whole government. The ruler holds an insane amount of power and complete control. The leaders are cruel, harsh, and the people are treated unfairly. This was the exact thing that the colonists were trying to prevent from happening.

The Constitution guards us from tyranny by dividing powers into different branches of governments. Some examples of this are indicated in Document A. It states that our central governments can, regulate trade, conduct foreign relations and declare war. It also states that the states themselves can, set up local governments, regulate in state businesses, and establish schools. They use larger governments for the country and smaller for the states. The central government has just enough power support the country's major needs and our smaller states governments have the power to help only the state's needs. By giving our governments different but still important jobs, this is one reason we are still thriving with government and not a Tyranny.

Also, the Constitution guards us from tyranny by dividing our power into branches of government. in Document B, it says, Liberty requires that the great departments of powers should be separate and distinct. The 3 Branches should be completely different from each other. The branches support our country and one another by doing their separate jobs. The branches separate all the powers needed into three separate parts. Each branch handles situations differently, resulting in the most varied, fair choices. The branches are Judicial, Executive, Legislative. This could prevent tyranny by mostly giving the people what so they won't go against the government.

Third, the Constitution prevents the US from becoming a tyranny by using checks and balances. In Document C, it says, The constant aim is to divide and arrange the several offices in such a manner as that they may be a check on the other… This is a process the Branches go through keep each other in check. Doing Checks keeps equally divided power between the Branches so no branch could overthrow another. The Branches will have the choice to approve or disapprove the other branches decision. If one branch could make all the decisions they would become overpowered, and this could instigate a tyranny. The checks and balances just prevent any branch from completely taking over.

Lastly, the Constitution guards us from tyranny by having equal representation from all the states. By giving each state a 1 representative through an election, every state a has a voice. This laws ensures that each state has equal power to any other. They must all have equal representation so that they can have a say in the government. If this Constitution rule was never made, big states could have complete control over other states only because the smaller states couldn't have a say about it. Also without new representatives every few years, they could gain too much power. We use elections to guarantee distributed ideas and power, and give the people a choice. This prevents a tyranny by keeping our country a whole and not fighting wars or turning on each other.

There are many types of tyrannies available, but the US has found various ways to defend against them. The Constitution has prevented tyranny by dividing powers between central and state government. It also divides powers between the 3 branches of government. And lastly it we use checks and balances to prevent power being unequally distributed. In conclusion, I think the US needs the Constitution to maintain a strong government and prevent every way a Tyranny could begin to form.

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