Constitution Clause

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Why did the Framers of the Constitution list the power to tax first? The Framers of the Constitution list the power to tax first because the Articles of Confederation did not have the power to tax and that was a problem because without taxes Congress had no money or power, and taxes provided Congress with power.

With respect to clause three how did the courts interpret it early in the life of the Republic? The courts interpreted clause three early in the life of the Republic with a more narrow description. The judges based their decisions on regulating activity that was contained within the state rather than looking at the whole picture and basing decisions linking them as well, this is how the national minimum wage was determined.

What is one of the things clause four does? One of the things Clause Four does is that it gives Congress the power to establish a process to help immigrants become American Citizens and to create a policy for Americans and American businesses to able to declare bankruptcy when buried in debt. Congress has since passed a law that makes it harder to walk away from credit card debt.

In clause five what happened with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913? With the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, Congress gave the majority of its power to the Fed to be able to access the worth of the dollar.

In clause seven how was the Post Office described in the first century of the Republic's existence? In Clause Seven, the Post Office is described as the largest and most significant organization within the federal government in the first century of the Republic's existence.

In clause ten what became relevant again in the early twenty first century? In Clause Ten Piracy became relevant again in the early twenty first century after Somali pirates began raiding ships off the Horn of Africa.

What is the weird power that clause eleven grants Congress? The weird power that Clause Eleven grants is the ability for Congress to provide a Letter of Marque or official permission to a pirate to attack the nation's enemy.

In clause twelve what is Congress prohibited from doing with respect to the army? In Clause, Twelve Congress is prohibited from funding military operations for more than two years in the future with respect to the army in order to avoid the oppressive atmosphere felt previously when the British monarchy planted armies on our soil.

In clause sixteen how is control over the militia structured? In Clause Sixteen the control over the militia is structured by separating the power between the State Governments and Congress. The militia is paid by Congress, but the state government controls who serve and the training.

What has clause eighteen been used for? Clause Eighteen has been used to justify the expansion of powers in the government. The powers of Congress and the entire federal government stretch further than originally implied in the Constitution and this stretch is called the elastic clause because these stretches, although legitimate and necessary, are above and beyond the listed powers.

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