How did the Framers Create the Constitution

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After the 13 colonies got their independence they wanted to start a new government where the people have a right to say what happens in the country. Fifty men's(Founders) came together and created the constitution. With the constitution many states had powers over their citizens than the government. The government had no advantages when it came to the constitution, they couldn't collect taxes, they had no power over trades, and if a citizen commits a crime the state had to punish them.

Eventually after the constitution was established many citizens didn't agree with it and they thought it would threaten the people rights. Those who agrees with the constitution called themselves federalist and those who didn't anti-federalist. The anti-federalist feared that a president might become like a king, they also believed that the constitution lacks a listing of rights, with that they asked for a set of rights that the citizens have.

The government limit the constitution power to protect the rights and promote common goods by the bills of rights, separation of power between the branches, constitution, federalisms, and checks and balances. The government wanted to be a stronger government but also limit the government so that they do not overpower the government. The Framers also want to revise the relationship between the national and state relationship. Although, many anti-federalists would disagree because they believe the government they have now is perfect. They did not want to share power with the states and did not believe in equal states. Many Americans thought that was an imbalance of power and thought the government should supply certain shared powers.

Bill of rights limits powers to create areas of freedom for individual actions, individual freedom would experience more obstacles without Bill of rights, the limitation of power to legislatures government to form the federal system. This causes big groups to share power with different groups. Federalists were people who supported the proposed constitution. Their name implied a decentralized system of government. A movement that opposed the creation of a stranger U.S. federal government was anti – federalist. People who supported anti-federalist lived in rural. The people who supported federalist lived in urban areas. Anti-federalist argued states should have power. Anti-federalist feared a strong president in office. Federalist argued for a strong national government, no bill of rights. Federalist wanted a president to lead. While U.S. citizenship provides many rights it also has responsibilities. All U.S. citizen must obey federal, state and local laws is broken. Every U.S. citizen must pay taxes. When summoned to serve in jury citizen or not it is a must to attend. Voting is a privilege and a right of a U.S. citizenship, but it is a duty or responsibility. Citizens must stay informed of issues affecting their communities. Where helps are needed citizen should contribute to the well-being community. Citizens have the responsibility to support and protect the right of others and to respect the differences in opinions, religions, cultures and ethnic groups. Citizens must pass along the importance of good citizenship to their children. Teach their children how to obey the law, to get in voting, to stay informed, the necessity of voting.

When it comes to individual rights, the bill of right contain the amendments to the united states constitution which includes set rights for the people of American, that's why the united states are unique in the world. The bill of rights allows citizens to work together to right injustices, change directions and pursue benefits for the common good which are shown throughout American history.

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