Kathleen’s French Classes

Kathleen Collins who was a French teacher in Newton, MA. Always could enter in the class as she is talking to someone outside. Having a loud voice, everyone in the class could hear Kathleen from a distance.

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The students in the class already mindset that Madam Kathleen is getting to the class. Everyone to the bag to remove the textbook and the notebook ready to usher in Kathleen for the day’s lesson. “How are you students?” that was always her first statement to enter in the class. Every student could reply, and then they remain calm for the next words from Kathleen. Everyone eyes, hear and the body focused on the Kathleen. With no waste of the time, she asks where they stopped at last lesson. As usual every student hand up ready to give their answer to madam. Half of the class is given a chance to explain what they learned last lesson and how it will connect to the today’s lesson. The teacher here is in a position to understand if the student got what she taught. And in most cases, because this class of French every student had a person on it they could not let Kathleen down as they explain.

In this lesson, she introduces naming of the objects in French and how the names are pronounced. She gets out a chart with various drawing labeled with their name. In this lesson, the eyes could be seen moving from the chart to teachers and back again. When madam point out an object the eyes could be moved to chart and when pronouncing the name everyone hears are very set to get every bit of pronouncing and eyes could monitor the movement of the mouth as syllables get out. It makes it easy to use the chart for the student will be able to remember the name once they come across any of the objects in daily activities of the student. The class ends with excitement as the madam promises the student of the French class for a trip to view more things and identify their names. They planned to go to an animal park.

The day for the next lesson comes in, and the class was attended thoroughly. I think this was because of the promise Kathleen made to her student. She too ready for the learning trip. Everyone is set with a notebook, a pen, a ruler and a pencil. “Great,” she says as she found out every student was in class in time and set as usual. The students with their teacher board the school bus, and they are taken to the park for the study. Because it could be hard to draw what they all found they were guided to have a table of columns and rows where they could write the name of the object they met in the park in English then aside from the French name. This made it simple for them to understand well as some were not in a position to name some of the objects in English. Being very busy during the day, they found themselves taking meals in the evening as they left the park. Kathleen advised them when they get home, let each one practice all that we learned today as we meet for the next lesson to summarize what we have spent doing today.  The study trip was very nice and everyone including teacher, Kathleen was delighted.

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