The Inspirer of all Things Jazz

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At the beginning of time, if time started in the early 1900s, Jazz in America’s was conceived and born in New Orleans. Jazz back then was a beautifully unique sound that defined early industrial America. As almost a soothing combination of the preceding genre of Classical music and the proceeding genre or Rock music that came later. Jazz has a variety of dynamic melodies, which was one of the reasons why it was popular.

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“The Inspirer of all Things Jazz”

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As a busy city full of French prostitutes and prisoners, New Orleans struggled with development. The music industry was extremely widespread because of the lack of opportunity. Early New Orleans Jazz, or abbreviated as ENOJ was the style of Jazz that began the crusade of Louis Armstrong. He reportedly was and still is the most important figure in jazz history. Undoubtedly, he is, but he is more than that. As the Jazz time period, the groups up in was evolving, As a youth, working for a living, he seeming had an unfilled desire to play music, and once as a Cornet player, he was magically entranced to the Jazz music,

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and his talent was excellent. In a time where black people lived in racist communities, he stood out like a sore thumb with his musical skills. Perhaps that his early desires to play music expanded his talent. Through his teen years and early adult years, he had exceptional performances in public places, included in several musical Christmas themed events, which probably sparked the idea for many of his future Christmas songs and albums. His adult years consisted of living in the 1920’a where he moved to Chicago and began working with all kinds of musical groups before starting his solo career. His solos gained him an unbeatable popularity at the time, with his songs everywhere. He had already accomplished more than the average musician by the time of the early ’20s by performing in Chicago’s clubs, alleys, and streets, to where the public could hear him. The audiences were in love with the sound, and this was a clear milestone, especially living in the ’20s, with prohibition and much profound racism. If a black man is well liked among communities in the 20′ that is a definite clear sign of him being unique and special in a way. This popularity lasted throughout his life and even after, he still has been noticed by the modern government and that is truly triumphant. His legacy has been still living on, and that is the reason why he is the greatest influence of Early New Orleans Jazz. As all Jazz is either about or related

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to some sexual ideas, Louis Armstrong has songs with simple lyrics that makes love seem easy, almost as he didn’t want to speak of those kinds of ideas. His genuine good heart made it much easier for him to focus on his career rather than drugs or sexual themes. In the Early New Orleans Jazz era, Louis Armstrong helped define Jazz to the world in several ways, eventually showing not only America, but the world what was Jazz is and should be. Mr. Armstrong’s inspiration was vivid throughout the ’20s, 30’s and ’40s, as he performed many shows, further demonstrating the improvisation skills of an Early New Orleans Jazz musician. His favorite instrument is by far the Trumpet, for when he combined it with his low, gravelly voice, it blended swiftly in a way that sounded beautiful. In several biography notes related to him, he also represented great practiced talent with the multifunctional skills with the cornet, but the trumpet reigned after he switched to it permanently in 1926. Using the cornet and the Trumpet, he used Legato notes instead of the more popular Staccato notes, to which almost every musician was using. This changed the perspective on how jazz was perceived, due to its unique and beautiful story-telling’ technique of playing. He interpreted the melodies in music very well, as if he knew what he was going to play before he had to even think about it.

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Using this personal technique, He increased the popularity of the trumpet and he inspired hundreds of thousands of people, including children who ended up trying to be like him, copying and practicing his personal skill. This brought Jazz to a position it had not been before, even in the 2000s. His technique of improvisation added an interesting nature to Jazz, and as it became popular, it made him too. An example of his collective improvisation skill is, When the Saints go Marching in. A fast tune and an insertion of Louis’s voice blend well in this Religious song. His songs were almost infectious, such as What a Wonderful World, with its slow, methodical tune and a mix of almost melancholy feeling. Today, this is his most popular song, and it told people to appreciate their surroundings of beauty. Appearing in several talk shows, modern movies, and even in other countries such as the United Kingdom, this song demonstrates Louis Armstrong’s mastery of Solo interpretation and a mix of both a vision of who he is and how he sees the world.
His genuine person deserved to be placed in a known position of recognition. His personality was unique and his jokes seemed hysterical. His optimistic attitude gave him a positive persona and an easy reputation to keep. These characteristics proved he was even more well-liked than just his music, especially since he was black. He was a public figure in the civil rights movement

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in the 1960s. Louis once said…I don’t get involved in politics. I just blow my horn. Seeing as he focused on his career, he didn’t particularly care for racism, either assuming that he had a good heart and saw the vision of freedom of rights for black people, due because he was black, or maybe because all types of people, black or white, liked his music, perhaps even both influenced him.

The World, especially America will forever remember Louis Armstrong and how he influenced Jazz. The movie star, graceful ambassador, musician, artist, and writer, already has gone down into history as one of the influences of the world. His attention to the world even granted him his own wall in the present-day Smithsonian, where he can be remembered and seen. What a tragedy his death was to the world, for he accomplished many great things, changed many lives, and gave America a perspective that will determine the face of Jazz in the past, present, and future. The person he was and chose to be, along with his natural and practiced gifts, is the reason why is he the greatest Jazz influence of the 20th century and the father and caretaker of Early New Orleans Jazz.

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