The Music Man in Concert

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On Saturday, September 29th at 7:30 pm I attended The Music Man in Concert presenting Meredith Willson held at OCCC. The actual block was Visual art program which was near the box office. The concert was free to all if they are OCCC students. I booked my ticket one week earlier so that I would not miss my concert and was afraid of not getting the ticket.

Starring Oklahoma favorite Jonathan Beck Reed and Oklahoma native and Broadway leading lady Teri Bibb (ChristineThe Phantom of the Opera, She Loves Me), and featuring the talents of performers from arts organizations the city over, this unique concert version will be a hit with the entire family. So, let's talk about the concert. I was in the parking lot at 7:30 pm. I was already late for the concert. My friend was waiting inside the box office to pick up the concert ticket. I called him on the phone and we met at the box office. There was a lot of people still coming to get a ticket. But we already booked our ticket, so I straight went to call and asked if they had our ticket. Finally, we had our ticket and started to go inside the theatre hall and I feel little bad because the how was already started. I felt bad because the show was already started, and the performance and music were also already started. The orchestra had 25 vocals, 2 violins, 1 bass, 1 cello, 1 piano and 3 trumpets. All setups were so managed, and all the performer looked active and the sound system was very clear and enjoyable. During the concert, I was looking for my professor M. Boyle and was glad to hear his performance but unfortunately, I could not see him as I was a little far from the stage.

There was a two act in this concert. I really enjoy both acts. Let's talk about act one; a railroad conductor announces the next stop, River City, Iowa, to a coach filled with traveling salesmen. Speaking rhythmically (keeping time with the movement of the train), the salesmen begin a conversation about the merits of cash versus credit and the ways their products and lives have changed as the result of "modern" merchandising ("Rock Island").

As the train stops in River City, Cowell, who has been trying to find and expose Hill, mentions that Hill wouldn't get far with the stubborn Iowans. Before the train begins to move again, a salesman who has quietly been playing cards, grabs his suitcase and announces that the conversation has prompted him to give Iowa a try. When asked his name, the stranger flashes his suitcase, bearing the name "Prof. Harold Hill," and quickly exits the train as it starts to move. He finds himself facing River City's Main Street, decorated with Fourth of July bunting and crowded with townspeople. So, this is the story of act one. The story was interesting, and the background music was also good.

I really enjoy the voice of Marian Paroo. Her acting and her dress up was amazing. Likewise, more songs were played, and all the musicians were pitch perfect in playing the beat. I was lost while hearing the song as it was so beautiful and very smooth. All of them were so professional and energetic. Some were dressed formal while many were casual like me and mostly were wearing mix.

I really enjoyed every piece of the concert. Some piece made me happy and was calm and relaxed whereas some carried the joy of sorrow. Everyone clapped for a while after the last piece was played. Everyone was appreciating the whole orchestral. Honestly, enjoyed every single moment and I feel lucky to be a part of music appreciation student. I would like to thank my Professor Boyle for providing such a great an opportunity. I enjoyed this concert thoroughly. It was my first time in an orchestra. I was curious to see such many musical instruments together for the first time. It was also very knowledgeable and wonderful to know more about the program.

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