Is Slot Car Racing is Popular again

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Being a young kid you could love nothing more than slot car racing. Free time and broken piggy bank loose change were spent at the track, where you and your buddies gathered, gripping hand-held electric controllers, racing their cars down the track. It was just fun and you stayed out of trouble. How long ago doesn’t matter. Whether it’s on a wet, snowy, cold afternoon or a super-hot day, at any age, at a slot car track you relive being that young child all over again. Enthusiast of different ages and backgrounds, skill levels gather for slot car racing in a nearby slot car raceway bringing in their tools and pit boxes filled with and. Friday nights are the nights to be at the spot.

Cars are built on 1/24th of size chassis. Some are dragsters, pro mods, bar and no bar cars with different fast times. Some are so detailed and so real like looking just like a brand new pristine condition right off the dealership showroom floor but just half pint size, light and more affordable without the down payment and monthly commitment contracted agreement. Racers of all ages model how to race and compete one another down the track for hours. Each racer test, tune and tweak their cars. Racers can earn points and bragging rights as they compete and race to the finals, where the action gets faster and more intense as the competition begins to lesson with each run. The final racer in each class division could also win money prizes depending on the event. Not everyone can be a winner. Just make sure you have fun and enjoy the run.

Sadly not everyone can take losing lightly and it becomes a challenge to learn lessons. Sometimes faster reaction times are easier to obtain than for others. It takes time to perfect driving skills with practice. But when you do win, the feeling is great and you know the time invested into the practicing was all well paid off. Experiencing the whole nostalgic hobby is definitely encouraged for anyone and everyone to try at least once. It’s a hobby you either love it or hate it but also shown with some interest. Interest in the once-popular hobby, which at during the 1960s was the most valuable niche of the massive U.S. toy market, then and even some may see it dying or even dead hobby now. I see it reincarnated and reliving in another ear genre. With new and updated technology and gadgets making it easier. Sure the old ways of slotting was cool and innovative in its day; just imagine then now with newer faster better and exciting experience and new traditions to follow ahead. I encourage you to experience it for yourself and even with young ones. Go to a slot car race/drag way today.

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