Drag Racing Vs Nascar

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This paper is about Nascar vs Drag Racing. drag racing which is more fun to watch .Well drag racing started in the 1930s in dry lake beds and river sides.It started out in california. You have a lot of different you have resto mods and funny cars then you have slingshots and the nhra top fuel dragsters then you have the natronal assborated dragsters which are the ones that are 50% carbon fiber. There are are also different type of cars that go with it like dodge hellcats and dodge demons and barracudas and the 392 hemis and other types of hemis then you have the ford lightning pickup trucks and you have the chevy novas also chevys impalas and the dodge durango and there was a toyota prius that was on the drag stip. There are three different types of Sequential turbos.Twin-scroll turbo.Variable twin-scroll and another one is electric turbo turbos and here is a list. Single turbo.

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“Drag Racing Vs Nascar”

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The simplest, and still most common, type of turbo is the single-turbocharger setup.this This is another one it is called a twin turbo . there is in this drivers nhra car and his name is john force raced In over 30 years of competition, John Force Racing has won one Top Fuel and 19 Funny Car championships. His daughters names are Brittany Force and Courtney Force and Ashley Force Hood and finally Adria Hight and they all took after their daddy which they all became drag racers as people say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree . then there is atrophy which fits the nhra which it is called the Wally named after the creator of the nhra which his name was Wally parks may he rest in peace he lived from 1913 to september 28 2007 and in Burbank California he was 94 when he past away.The it was modeled after the top gas driver and his name is Jack Jones and according to june 30 1990’s wally would call Jack Jones and asked him if would pose for pictures. So the wally was model after the the pictures took of Jack Jones.

The most of the to win the wally was John Force with a record of 147.The second guy with the most wally wins is Frank Manzo with 105. The third guy to get it is Warren Johnson with 97 times he has won it . it is a 18 inches and a weight of of 12 pounds with a brass planting over the standard metal mix with solid walnut.this is some fun facts.that the nitromethane-powered engines of NHRA Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars produce approximately 7,000 horsepower, about 37 times that of the average street car. This is next part is about the is about the oldest person to ever to drive a drag car and his name was chris karamesines is an American drag racer and one of NHRA’s early pioneers and nicknamed “The Greek”.

In 2009, he became the first driver in NHRA history to compete and become the fastest driver at over 78 years old at the final event of the 2009 season at Pomona driving in the Top Fuel category. This part just isn’t about men drivers the next is about the first women to jump behind the wheel of a top fuel dragster and her name is Shirley Muldowney (born June 19, 1940), also known professionally as “Cha Cha” and the “First Lady of Drag Racing”, is an American auto racer. She was the first woman to receive a license from the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) to drive a Top Fuel dragster. You don’t have to really go to college to be a drag racer but you have a engineering degree so you know how the car works.Now this next page is about Nascar. The first thing is about the awards nascar has a trophy it is called sprint cup it is like “ the wally “ it’s a lot taller than the wally with a height of 24 inches and( 64) centimeters tall and 27 pounds (12kg).

It last awarded in 2016. It started on the nascar scene in 2004. When it is won by someone there is a banquet held in their honor . It was last given to Jimmie Johnson in 2016 and the other racer a lot of people like is Tony Stewart won it in 2011.Speaking of Tony Stewart now to tell you about Tony Stewart the once nascar driver and now he is the owner of a nascar team called stewart haas racing. He has a nickname which is smoke and here is the reason in his early racing days, he used to burn out his right rear tire in turns. As a young driver in NASCAR, he had a thing for blowing up engines.so if you ever wonder why the called him smoke when he was still racing then there now you know the reason for it.He was the only driver to win three different sponsorship.He started in go kart racing in the 1980s were he won his first championship.And the next part was about the first woman nascar driver and her name was danica patrick.

The first female and woman to win a Pole Winner In NASCAR Sprint Cup History: #10-Danica Patrick made NASCAR history today during Coors Light Pole qualifying for the Daytona 500, becoming the first female driver to win a pole at NASCAR’s top level – the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Now to tell you about one of the legend in nascar racing and his name is richard petty aka the king the former nascar driver and the voice of the king from the original cars movies . He is the national era and the winston cup series. One of the cars he raced in was a 1979 dodge daytona and a 1970 plymouth superbird when he drove his famous number which was #43 and here is another racer from petty era and his name is Russell William “Rusty” Wallace, Jr. (born August 14, 1956) is a retired American racing driver, and a former NASCAR Winston Cup Champion.

Considered one of racing’s most well-known and charismatic personalities, he is a member of four of stock car racing’s major halls of fame: the NASCAR Hall of Fame (2013), the International Motorsports Hall of Fame (2013), the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America (2014) and the National Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame (2010). He was the 1984 NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie of the Year and the 1989 Winston Cup champion.

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