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As our communities’ healthcare requirements turn multidimensional in the world today, nursing occupation should transform and take on greater duties to meet health care needs. According to the Institute of Medicine report, “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, and Advancing Health” which was conscripted through the Institute of Medicine (IOM), in the year 2010, recommends a thorough change in the nursing practices, leadership as well as in the education.  The American Nurses Associated (ANA) has since admired the IOM report on the nursing profession and identifies the requirement the nurses to maintain leadership duties in the healthcare scheme to meet the great needs in the transformation of the nursing profession. To enhance primary healthcare, the Institute of Medicine joined hands with other partners in the year 2008, where they formed a two-year initiative, to genuinely look at the needs to access and to transform the nursing profession. In the project, they selected a commission to look into the future of nursing occupation, with a major goal of developing a report with commendations for an operative and competent strategy for the future of clinicians occupation. The commission through negotiations came up with four areas that would help in changing the nursing occupation (Phillips et al., 2014):
  • The nurses to practice wholly on their levels of education as well as in training
  • The nurses to accomplishgreater levels of training and education using the enhanced education systems that inspire seamless academic improvements.
  • For an effective staff planning and strategy, the establishment requires a better information gathering and data organization.
  • The nurses are to partner with other healthcare specialists in the reforming healthcare in the United States of America.
As the transformations in the healthcare scheme start to meet the requirements of the society, having nurses who are highly educated, who holds a capability to practice in their full capacity, will be domineering in attaining the objectives of the IOM report. There are both culturally as well as legislatively, which have obstructed the entire extent of nursing practice through the progressive practice registered nurses (Pittman et al., 2015). Nation regulations concerning the scope of practice differ significantly from one country to another and aren’t reliant on institutional factors and the clinician’s competencies, but depend on political resolutions.  The latitude of practice oughtto echo on the educational and the training attained and must be standard through the US to offer a reliable quality healthcare. A cultural challenge which is encounteredis the ideology that intensifying nursing practice shakes both economic and professional roles of doctors and that the doctors are more competent where certain practices should only be accomplished merely by physicians.  The future of Nursing, Focus on latitude of practice articulates that there is enough proof to demonstrate that nurses offer quality healthcare to patients, comprising preventing medication errors, minimizing or eradicating infections as well as easing the transition from hospital to home. Through changes in health care service delivery, there is a greater emphasis on offering better primary health care and providing care to the society and not in the acute care arrangements. In the case where nurse’s practice to their entire capability might assist in minimizing patient workload, maximizeexcellence of care and offer services to individuals of the socioeconomic Presently, there are sufficient primary care doctors to cater for the needs of the agedpopulace,however the number of the improved practice registered clinicians is escalating.  Having nurses practice in their entire abilities for sure lessen patientworking load, improve excellence of care and offer services to individuals of socioeconomic upbringings who might have problems in receiving primary care (Sullivan et al., 2015). In leadership, nursing as an occupation is not observed by the general or the health populace as leaders. Through the Future of Nursing: Leading Change and Advancing Health recommends that clinicians be entirely in partnership with the doctors and other healthcare experts in the reformation health care in the US (Institute of Medicine, 2010). Clinicians require attaining greater levels of education, continuing in the enduring learning opportunities and upholding leadership associated training both professional and personal advancement in each clinician’s role in the occupation in assisting in attaining this objective. The nursing practice and research field require continuing being a proof based and implemented in clinician’s education. An alliance between the physicians and the nurses is vital for changes in the healthcare sector. To efficiently remodel health care system to be able to serve community progressing multi faceted demands, nurses require having to restructure on practice, their education as well as leaders. In conclusion, it’s apparent from the study, that the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has taken a vital part in changing nursing occupation more particularly in the primary health care. The IOM main aimsincreating archetypes of payments and to care delivery that utilizes clinicians in leadership capabilities and development to improve results and to reduce costs.  As nursing upholds the largest part of healthcare staff, they are supposed to hold a significant role in restructuring health care transformations.
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