Inspirable Footsteps of Ruby Bridges

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Imagine you are a six-year old child walking into school on the first day. Your mother, by your side, and you arrive at your classroom, but not one other child is in the room. You are all alone; you need to be brave; you are going to be the change the world needs to see. This isn’t just the make-believe of a young child, but the cold reality for Miss Ruby Bridges, the girl who paved the way to classrooms for African American children, just like me. Ruby took those important brave steps to enter a Southern elementary school, those steps are what I strive to follow.

It was November 14,1960, when a first grader, Ruby Bridges, kept her eyes looking forward with her mother, alongside a U.S. marshal, to protect her from angry people who disagreed with integrating her into a previously all white elementary school. Ruby had to first pass a hard test to go to William Frantz Elementary school. She stated, “I went through the door and I remember going into an empty classroom and thinking that I was too early. When actually what happened was all the parents rushed in removed their kids and never sent them back.” Ruby showed courage and bravery by continuing to go to school each day knowing that she was going to be the only child there. What courage Ruby had to have! She faced the harsh words from people that thought “integration was a mortal sin.” Those steps of perseverance that Ruby took each day just to walk into her school building while people were telling her to leave, must have been extremely difficult.

At the time, Ruby didn’t realize the difference she was going to make on the world when entering William Frantz Elementary school. Ruby Bridges said, “Don’t follow the path. Go where there is no path and begin the trail. When you start a new trail equipped with courage, strength and convictions, the only thing that can stop you is you!” This shows that Ruby Bridges made history and she wants everyone to make more of a difference and to start a new path and be the first to do it. Another quote that Ruby Bridges said was, ”My message is really that racism has no place in the hearts and minds of our children.” This shows that Ruby Bridges doesn’t want the next generation to have racism in their hearts or minds.

I believe you should know that Ruby Bridges not only made a lasting impact on American society, but she paved a path for future generations of black students and was an inspiration to people of all ages. This also benefits me. I attend a school that has integrated all students and adults. At Milton Hershey School with all colors of skin they teach loyalty, respect, and love how we are. What kids need to know is that,’’ kids know nothing about racism. They’re taught by adults.”this shows that ruby bridges made a difference for my life and my society.

Each step that Ruby Bridge took, led her closer to become a true American activist. These are the footprint that I want to follow, her courage leads me to know that by just taking the first steps I can become a leader in my community, and country. All it takes are the first brave steps towards making a change, just as Ruby took hers.     

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