Racism Around America

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Racism springs from ignorance. Racism is everywhere around America. We are the most diverse country in the world but we don't act like it. Racism is caused by the media the environment and what you are taught by your family.

I believe that racism had become the norm in the media mostly social media and the internet. This new digital environment is a perfect place for men and women to get racially harassed because they don't sometimes never know who is on the other side of the screen. There are countless people getting harassed by people because of the color of their skin for their religion they show in pictures for their description of themselves. Racial slurs on social media are the norm because I asked some of my friends and we all see racist memes and “funny” videos on social media everyday just people trying to get a like on something that's not funny and actually really offensive to some people of a different color for religion. As a result the media has a big part in the racism we see and here today. But the Media isn't the only thing contributing to racism in America the environment and are communities are too.

The environment in communities and neighborhoods are a big part of the racism in America. Studies have shown that black women are three times more likely to die from childbirth and studies have shown that people of color experience worse health outcomes than white people. That is also because of the segregated communities like black communities and white communities it is proven that white communities have better opportunities than the colored peoples opportunities so colored people can’t get as good of an education. Colored peoples environment from white peoples environment can be very different and Flint, Michigan water crisis is just an example. Flint, Michigan is having a problem where their water isn't clean so anytime it comes out of a foucate it's just brown and dirty and it's been like this for generations and it is happening in this colored community and it is still like this today. The environment contributes to a lot of racism in America but people always forget that these things can be taught to by families for other relatives even siblings.

Racism is also taught in families who have different beliefs and who teach their kid that one race for religion is better which is not true. It's not a surprise that a lot of parents manipulate and teach their kids things and put stuff in their head but those kids think that way at an early age so they may think that way all through adulthood but when there now an adult they may open there eyes more so it's possible that they realize we are all equal. A Lot of kids think that they need to believe what their parents and siblings say so they need to believe them that just another reason why kids are so manipulated easily. These things are taught it's not like kids know what their talking about or even know what their doing, but their are some cases that kids who believe things at a certain age may believe it throughout the rest of their adult life.

These are just some examples of how racism is around America and it may never change. We are the United States yet some people don't act like it.

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