Information about Human Brain

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The Human brain has grown over time and it has become larger, more complex and better at problem-solving. This is the cause of the brain adapting over time to evolve to its environment. As the brain has evolved, so has the society we live in. The human brain has evolved and helped humans develop along with it.

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“Information about Human Brain”

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Humans brains grow more rapidly and for a longer period of time than ape brains do. This is due to the size difference in brains. The human brain would have to mature faster than an apes to grow bigger in the end.

The average weight of an adult chimpanzee brain is about 0.85 pounds, while the average weight of a human brain is about 3 pounds. This shows how much bigger the human brain is that the brain of an ape. One downside, however, for the size, is that the human brain takes about 20% of your body’s energy but is only 2% of your body size.

Big Picture Facts

A baby brain is the largest it could possibly be at birth. If it were any larger than birth would be impossible. The human body has many ways to make this possible. An example of this would be the baby skull not fully fused together. This allows the brain to fuse together as the baby grows.

Humans share 99% of our DNA with apes, but humans look much different than apes. One of the biggest differences is brain size and complexity. Scientists have found some single cells that could have caused the change from humans to apes.

Humans have more folds in their brains than apes do. Adding to the fact that we also have a larger brain this shows why humans are smarter. Though not at all uses of the brain but the human brain comes out on top vs the ape brain.

National Geographic Facts

The brain is made up of glia and neurons and there are billions of each. The neurons take in and transmit electrochemical signals. This happens by the neuron being stimulated by a stimulus. Then it sends an electric pulse down the length of the cell. That makes the release of chemical messengers. Different glial cells provide protection to neurons. They are like the neurons bodyguard.

Our brain has what scientists call a brain-blood barrier. It is a sort of membrane that only lets what the brain needs into the spinal cord and brain blood flow. This membrane type wall blocks the brain blood flow from the body blood flow.

Live Science Facts

The more complex the brain the more the more gyri and sulci, or squiggles the brain has. A human brain has a lot of squiggles. An apes brain has squiggles but not as many as a human brain has. Then there is the mouse, which practically has a smooth brain.

Brain size does not necessarily matter for intelligence. A whale has a brain 5 times that of a human but humans are still considered smarter than whales. Even in human society having a bigger brain does not mean that you are smarter than someone with a smaller brain. Intelligence does not come from brain size

The male and female brain has a different volume. The average male brain has a volume of 1,274 cubic centimeters. The average female brain has a volume of 1,131 cubic centimeters. Though the volume is different, this does not make men smarter than women.

Serendip Facts

The biggest part of the brain, taking up 85% ,is the cerebrum. The cerebrum is the part of the brain for thoughts and actions. The cerebrum is separated into 4 parts. Each part has a different task, related to talking, movement and thought process just to name a few.

The wrinkles in the brain are there to increase the surface area. This helps the brain become more efficient by increasing the neurons within the brain. This helps the brain communicate faster with the nervous system.

24 Health Facts

You have two major glands on your brain. The pituitary gland is in charge of your hormones. The Pineal gland is in charge of the growing and maturing of your body. These glands are very important to survival.

Your midbrain is vital to survival. The midbrain controls breathing, reflexes and swallowing reflexes. The midbrain is also in charge of motor control and sensory analysis. Without this, we would be very vulnerable. Every living thing needs midbrain.       

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