Pros and Cons for Human Brain Research

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Throughout history, mankind has had two common traits throughout history. One trait is curiosity and the second is seeking new technology. Naturally, that curiosity and advances into today’s medical technology have spun studies into the human brain. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of researching the human brain.

With so many diseases that effects the brain that have yet to be explained to answer the simple question of why, such as, Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Epilepsy, and Migraines. The current treatment for these brain diseases is a long way from a cure. The continue research have delayed and prolong life for many people suffering from these diseases. The US military as well as the NFL is currently conducting research and studies on Traumatic Brain Injuries long and short term affects. With the military focusing on TBI from combat related injuries such as explosions and attacks from improvised explosives devices. The NFL is studying former player’s brains after years of being hit in the head from playing football. From that, the NFL have taken the research and implemented new rules to protect players on the field and have also use the most current safest equipment to give to its players from helmets to shoulder pads. With so much good that is coming from researching the brain. There is a down side to researching human brain.

With good in life there is it’s polar opposite of evil, the ying to the yang. Some people argue researching the human brain is not as simply as it may sound. With any research its trial and error. Many new researches for humans are conducted on animals first. Many animal groups and activist are against such medical practices. Secondly, many people such as children is being over medicated to fix issues with the brain such as ADHD. Many argue that a child brain is not fully developed yet and that any medication would destroy the natural process and free will of development. One last factor that people always refer to is the cost of research. It cost millions and billions of dollars for research. Most of the money is donated and raised for research and some money is funded through the government.

Over all one must decide if the overall result of good outweighs the bad for the end goal. Do the pros outweigh the risk of the con’s, that’s an individual question each person must ask themselves? 

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