Diversity and Color Allow for Small Salary in the Workplace

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Imagine you are a car salesman; would you negotiate differently depending on if your buyers were colored? Ayres and Siegelman conducted a study in 1995 that suggests salesman will start their bargaining at a higher wage if their buyers are of a dark skin tone. In Eastern Asia negotiators continued the same racial bias as the car salesman when it came to inappropriate behavior. Why do we have racial bias when it comes to different scenarios? The investigation allows us to extend our thought process beyond a prejudice and discriminatory angle. These studies will help you formulate a conclusion on this social bias.

Individuals psychologically prepare for how their interviewer will react when questions are asked and answered, this is known as EVT. More specifically, you to create expectations of how others will react. People who use EVT believe that when answering a question that has an unexpected response can have a substantially negative effect on their chance of hire. Emotional expression tends to correlate with positive outcomes when expectations are laid out on the table. Theoretical Hypotheses suggest negotiators see African Americans as less negotiable.

Study one was balanced in accordance to color, and then hypothesized that black individuals would be less likely to negotiate. For each Caucasian individual with a resume, they had an African American individual that met the same criteria. This includes the same gender, background checks, names, and job history. The experiment concludedly showed the only individuals who assumed people of color would be less likely to negotiate were those higher up on the hierarchy. On average, every two Caucasians who tried to negotiate pay, only one African American tried to negotiate money.

Study two was conducted with more sundry groups including Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, and not characterized. One hypothesis states the likelihood of all minorities would negotiate the same is increasingly high. However, another hypothesis for the study showed two was African individuals who are seeking a job and willing to negotiate will end up with lower salaries. These subjects were chosen to become either a job seeker or an interviewer from the undergraduate psychology courses on campus. This study consisted of moving expenses, vacation, job location, and most importantly salary. After concluding the job interviews the African American individuals who were seeking a job started with an average of three-hundred dollars less than other minorities. This allows the second hypothesis we started to be factual.

The final study used full-time workers from Amazon's Mechanical Turk the study was conducted similar to the previous. The variation between study two and study three is with study three partners have prompts they need to follow. When discussing salary, the negotiator was elicited to work in two thousand-dollar interludes until the participant accepted the offer. The different minorities had a small effect level when it came to this last study.

Through-out the study when African individuals negotiated on the higher end of the scale to start and was constant with their negotiations ended more successfully in study one.  Study two when making more counteroffers their financial standing was negatively impacted compared to the majority. This concludes our main hypothesis was supported.

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