Effective Management of Diversity in Contemporary Workplace

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Diversityin contemporary workplacerefers to the variety in both differences of tasks and employees, thus the effectiveness of management is definitely significant to control and balance the business and team work. As a future manager, I find it is required and challenging to become not only a good but also an effective manager including ethical traits, values and interpersonal skills. The highly important factors contributing to a manager's effectiveness are leadership, knowledge of business, and communication.

Leadership in management of diversity specially turns the manager into a great leader, who is the role model of an effective manager. However, lots of managers are lack of this crucial attribute. True leaders are able to inspire their members to the vision and decision-making of organisation in order to achieve high-performance team (De Silva 2013). Due to the diversity in workplace, managers must face much more challenges in order to establish leadership. The differences of nationalities and cultures of employees are actually the crux of the matter. Managers necessarily exert leadership so that they are enthusiastically willing to learn the multi of cultures for generating understanding and equality in their workplace (Chanlat and ?–zbilgin 2017). It importantly builds trust and good personal relationships among members of the team. Thence, managers capably realise employees' values and talents so as to develop and delegate responsibility amongst individuals towards productivity (Cook 2009). Therefore, strategic leadership significantly brings the effectiveness to managers that they are able to overcome the challenges of management of diversity in contemporary workplace.

In controlling human resources and managing work in the variety in modern digital workplace, knowledge of business is the power of managers to achieve high effectiveness. Passionate managers should constantly improve their strategic knowledge of business and gain realistic work experiences which attract benefits and opportunities to companies and employees (Chanlat and ?–zbilgin 2017). As the economics frequently changes due to globalisation, traditional-minded managers stand front of challenges in keeping themselves up to date for productivity. Whereas, managers who know the core foundation of business backwards and forwards can easily catch up the changes (Robinson-Easley 2014). Knowledge establishes themselves as adaptable managers, builds trust towards their owners and respect from their team members. When managers have huge knowledge and deep understanding of business as well as the diversity in contemporary workplace, they are able to forwardly create the most suitable strategies for organisation (Robinson-Easley 2014).

Thus, high-performance managers are flexible in conflict resolution when complex of circumstances suddenly come to the business due to their extensive strategic knowledge. Communication is the key of success in effective management of diversity in contemporary workplace. Since human-to-human interaction is an essential part of life, communication is unavoidable which is defined as the understanding and conveying of information from senders to receivers (De Silva 2013). Skillful-communicated managers are necessarily able to process and explain complex information to their teams clearly as well as persuasively demonstrate strategic business manners to owners to maintain productivity (Priolo 2010). High communication skills provide managers the ability of listening and understanding the others to collaborate. True managers should patiently listen to employees' thoughts and ideas in order to discuss and negotiate in making decisions. The effectiveness of managers depends on influence and motivation in which effective communication is a significant factor contributing to (Cook 2009). Owing to the diversity in workplace, unless managers are skillful at communication, it is challenging in interacting with multinational employees. Therefore, well-communicated managers have ability to overcome these difficulties to create a fun and comfortable workplace where team members feel belong.

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