Thomas Paine’s Role in Writing Common Sense

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Because of our unfair corrupt monarchy Thomas Paine beliefs in America declaring their own independence was key to flourish. For once America could do as they pleased without following restrictions. Thomas Paine was known as a political theorist who wrote what was known as ‘Common Sense” a famous powerful document created by the study of his state’s: authority, government, and justice. This document became a major part of our American History because it in fact persuade Colonist to take up arms. Thomas Paine’s role of Common Sense in promoting the movement for independence was referred as a wake-up call essentially to let others be aware that war was happening, everyone must pick a side. Breaking away would be the first process for a beneficial movement in History and a higher chance of survival for all 13 Colonies.

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“Thomas Paine’s Role in Writing Common Sense”

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Paine was always known to be a hard working individual. He was born in England and started working in his teens. He eventually joined a crew and served one year during what is known as The Seven Years War. Thomas Paine ended up being one of the most important people in History. Along his journey Paine did write other important documents but none quite like Common Sense whom was published in 1776 and sold a large amount of copies we are talking over 500,000 copies.

The result of Common Sense was tremendously successful. It was written in the beginning of the American Revolution and he believed America should declare their independence from great British. This helped American colonist decided if what they wanted was to fight for their independence. Although the process of convincing Colonist did take some time. American colonist weren’t sure if declaring independence was truly what they wanted for themselves. Due to there being conflict before during the battle of Lexington and Concord they didn’t want to create something that major. Eventually Common Sense had the authority to convince the undecided American colonist, that having independence was beneficial to all. Whom all lead them to the successful way for Declaration of Independence.

Thomas argued a various amount of arguments one being that America was not a British nation but was being demanded by influences and people from England. Britain which was known as the mother country should have been taking care of her countries rather than harming them in such an aggressive matter. The last thing America wanted was to be included in unnecessary wars and being a part of Britain would only lead to unnecessary conflict. Britain continued to rule the 13 Colonies for their own benefits not thinking of anyone but themselves. This persuaded Thomas To publish Common Sense because he believed everyone should be treated equal.

Common Sense was titled ‘Common Sense” due to its ideal message in persuading and letting the undecided known that it was common sense to make a choice in other words pick a side. Which was actual one of the major issues Colonist weren’t sure if picking a side would be the best decision. Should the colonist seek independence? This created a persuasive conflict in whom led to revolt ion and freedom from British. This helped the reasoning of common sense be clear to the Colonist. Public discussion was indeed needed. Paine even included bible verses to influence the common people.

This powerful document ended up to be a very important document due to Paine not hiding the message he was trying to send out in fact he was straight forward with his opinions and stated his arguments clearly, and people were amazed by the fact of it being written in such a simple language. He wanted two things from his powerful document Common Sense.

  1. Thomas wanted to influence the colonist that independence from England was a necessity.
  2. To let others know the creation and importance of improved democratic republic.

He wanted immediate independence he believed in equal treatment and his ideal message was of convince everyone for a change in government. In no time Common Sense sold copies through all colonies with amazing speed. His document made such a big impact because it influenced literal common sense into the undecided people.

As in result of this his document Common Sense really did impact many including the Colonist, and Founding Fathers. One of the biggest impacts it had was influencing many to be part of Patriots, to agree on separation, and a new government. To be proud and own to freedom and independence. The Colonist took many good outcomes from this from not paying taxes to British and to learning independence.

 There is no doubt that Thomas Paine’s role in writing Common Sense in promoting the movement for Independence was to influence the undecided that independence and a new improved government was a necessity and why breaking away from rule of British turned out to be beneficial for all 13 colonies.

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