Program Planning Terminology

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Hey Sheila, Guess what? I am so excited! I have just been promoted to Program Manager! I am going to make such a difference for this Organization. There will be so much to do you know, with the Programs since they all have a limited time on them. Things like Purpose of Evaluations so that I can review and possibly make it better for the outcome of service/program, Evaluative Research which I can look into research on methods, Descriptive Research will be awesome because I can explain what is in the studying that goes on. The Theory is a great one; it is facts, propositions that are used in the relationship to everything of the program activities. I will be able to Input so that I can step in and use the proper methods and help with the staffing of the service that is being needed. I can oversee the Outputs as well making sure that the outcomes of the services are achieved. There is a Service Delivery Model which is the activity going on to what makes the turning the input and going to the output. Any Organization or human services needs a solid foundation in order to run properly and to be successful and achieve the end results that are to me mandatory so if there are any problems and things are not going as expected then there will have to be an evaluation and a deeper look into that organization of what the problem is to which I will call the Needs and problem Assessment. However the Outcomes of all of this will always be changing and new ways and theories to improvement on the status of services as you well know. I know that I am going to be the best that I can be and make a difference and I just had to share this with you because you have been my inspiration and role model in human services and my best friend. You’re Friend KimmieLev

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“Program Planning Terminology”

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