Effects of a Summer Treatment Program on Functional Sports Outcomes in Young Children with ADHD

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It is very beneficial when youth take part in youth sports, but when it comes to kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), participation is less and also have the possibility of becoming unsuccessful. Notably, participating in sports is a common activity for kids which yields positive results and provides an opportunity for kids with ADHD to focus on particular deficiencies such as motorized adeptness and social effectiveness. In an evaluation carried out to study functional sports results the kids with ADHD showed up in a thorough treatment program which comprised of sports training module that made a comparison of the results to kids with ADHD but did not participate in the program. Apart from the bodily benefits that taking part in sports offers, the youth also gain from the exceptional socialization environment that sports characterize. In sports that involve teams, children are provided with the chance to exercise social abilities such as communicating, turn taking, cooperating, leading, solving conflicts and problem solving.

Notably, for those children who play sports, they are more skillful athletically, popular, respected and accepted by their friends and in this case, positively involving kids with ADHD in sports will play a role in enhancing confidence and self-efficacy. However, for children with ADHD, they find it challenging to productively engross themselves in youth sporting events since the disorder is characterized by developmentally inapt intensities of distraction, hyperactivity-impulsivity or both. Certain functional impairments linked to ADHD interfere with success in sports as in the case of kids with an impaired attention they find it difficult to learn the rules and strategies of the game and the application of the rules in live games. The study indicated that the kids who participated in the treatment program validated substantially greater advances on measures of the game knowledge, motor proficiency, trapping a ball and preventing the number of penalties. The children who participated in the program would, therefore, answer to rule/ fundamental knowledge correctly after treatment. Giving correct answers on knowledge activities indicated that the child had a better comprehension of how to make the right plays and to evade making mistakes and penalties as a way of contributing to the success of a team. Additionally, parents should be taught vital nurturing skills, suitable social interpolations which could also be incorporated into the instruction of kids. In this case, parents will play a role in reinforcing social behavior beyond sports settings.

The outcomes indicated that treatment resulted in major benefits especially in the aspects related to child sport functioning such as knowledge of the rules of the game, performance, skills such as adeptness, capability of catching a ball properly and better skill to catch a baseball (O'Connor et al. 2014). Additionally, parents also noted enhanced sports talents and worthy sportsmanship in the management plan. Notably, there was no distinction between groups that were evident on extra skills such as accuracy in hitting out a ball, pitching or striking a baseball of a tee. From the listed outcomes, thorough developmental involvement comprising of sports drills may considerably advance practical sports results for young kids with ADHD. The article, in this case, epitomizes a controlled test of the effect of the Summer Treatment program on the athletic functioning of young kids through several measures. The outcomes indicate that behavioral treatment exhibits substantial influences on many aspects of sports functioning. The treatment for kids with ADHD is a vital component that focuses on many realms of functioning and disorders.

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