New Training Program

———————– MEMO TO:Robert Smith, Director of Personnel FROM:Candy Cahl, Training Supervisor DATE:March 31st, 2010 SUBJECT:Proposal for New Training Program In this economy the newly expanded operations and foreign partnerships that have recently developed are inspirational to Landon Industries & their employees. The excitement has encouraged positive attitudes and staff morale has significantly improved. With all great additions, new training needs have been identified. As Landon Industries expands operations, specifically with foreign companies, I suggest that we prepare our programmers by developing a specialized training program. Often times the duration of these assignments are for extensive periods of time. Specifically this program is designed to prepare our programmers to provide world class service, computer training and on-site testing. Typically this training program lasts six to eight weeks and consists of foreign language classes, customs requirements, appropriate business dress, manners and etiquette. In my research, I show that more than 80% of companies similar to Landon provide intercultural and language training for their employees before sending them abroad. The initial cost to implement this program is estimated at $15,000 for instruction, materials, facilities, equipment and salaries. Since our next managers’ meeting is on April 11th, I look forward to being able to announce this new training proposal. By approving this program, Landon will be sending a powerful and positive message that shows our employees that we will support them during their new assignments abroad while providing the necessary tools to succeed. Landon Industries [pic] 3537 S. Compton Boulevard, St. Louis, MI, 63118 www. landonindustries. com Tel: 314 776 2434 Fax: 314 776 2635 Changing How the World Works [pic]

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“New Training Program”

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