How Wind Energy Destroyed our Wild Life

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Renewable energy is generated by a natural and unconventional source it only need to convert natural energy sources such as the sun, wind, and water into continual energy to facilitate their use in everyday life. Renewable energy is widely available in nature, unlike underground fossil fuels in limited forms like oil, gas, and coal and can be implemented from repeated use. The wind turbines are environmentally friendly and do not contaminate the air with carbon dioxide, sulfur, or hydrogen sulfide residues, as do traditional generation plants. Wind turbines differ from power plants because they are confined to sites where the proportion of wind is high in the mountains or near sea currents.

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“How Wind Energy Destroyed our Wild Life”

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A question that has always been asked by scientists and friends of the environment is do wind turbines negatively affect the earth? and do they damage marine areas and the wind farm? Most people believe wind power is one of the best ideas to create clean and affordable energy. However, wind power does not respect its promise to respect the environment. Wind energy, with its giant turbines, destroys wildlife, interferes with radio signals, causes noise, and changes the ocean’s general circulation. Birds take many places to live by balancing between protection from predators and the zones to access food, taking into account the Effort to bring the food for their babies and the time-consuming. to achieve this balance birds especially migratory. take high places such as mountains, highlands and then the coasts. And all those areas are tempted the wind energy researchers, also those places the wind does not stop throughout the year.

Some of the effects that wind turbines cause on birds: death through collision or decrease by altering the housing due to inconvenience, which leads to decreased births in birds. Director of Science Nature Conservancy in Wyoming, Holly Copeland remarked, Over a half million birds and about a million bats, a study in 2013 by Smallwood, et al showed. And if you run those numbers out for Wyoming there are about 5000 grassland birds, we would be losing every yearthere was a paper that showed 20 eagles and in addition to that Duke Energy reported 52 eagles as well. Bats live anywhere in the world except pole north and Antarctica, but they favor warm areas like rainforests and prefer mountains because of their dark caves with hardly any light and much to eat. Bats travel at night depending on their ears, not their eyes and with the presence of those giant wind turbines that occur strong voices, disturb and change bat tracks and push them to collide with those turbines. Coastal wind farms provide renewable energy, but the activities that accompany them during their construction and the local air circulation of turbines affect marine mammals that use sound as a means of communication, food creation, movement, and reproduction

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