The Process of Overcoming Anxiety

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While there is no single definition of the term anxiety, there is a general consensus among scholars that the word refers to a number of disorders that trigger apprehension, fear, nervousness, and worry. Naturally, anxiety influences individual's feelings and behavior. While mild levels of anxiety are normal and essential for survival, extreme anxiety leads to a disorder, which adversely affects a person's thoughts, feelings, and behavior. People who struggle with anxiety disorders tend to feel a gripping fear even in the absence of real danger. Overcoming anxiety is a process that integrates different strategies depending on the type, cause, and level of the disorder. As it might seem odd that I understand this with such depth, I have done many hours of reading on this topic to help understand and give advice to someone that I care deeply about. Learn About Anxiety Disorders Since one cannot overcome a phenomenon that you do not understand, it is imperative that the anxiety-overcoming-process begins with learning about the disorder.

More specifically, it is critical for a person suffering from an anxiety disorder to fathom that during anxiety attacks the victim experiences phobias and fears that appear irrational yet difficult to repress. Often, any Dixon 2 attempts to overcome this challenge seem futile. While it is normal to feel as if panic attacks get worse with each attempt to overcome them, it is vital for individuals to know that anxiety is a perceived danger and that the condition is treatable. Understanding the characteristics, manifestation, and triggers of anxiety is the first step in the process of overcoming the disorder. Identify the Source of Panic Attacks Naturally, there are multiple types of anxiety disorders and each has a different cause and manifestation. Apart from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) that makes the victim fear numerous objects, situations, and events, other types of panic attacks such as anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder have a specific trigger. Undoubtedly, one can only deal with fear if one is clear of the source. For example, my girlfriend struggles with social anxiety disorders because she is afraid of being judged by others while socializing with them. Fortunately, she has worked to overcome this anxiety disorder by gradually increasing the frequency and duration of interacting with small groups of friends and family members.

In a nutshell, her learning to identify the source of her panic attacks is essential in overcoming her anxiety. Seek Help Although various people have different experiences, many people compare the process of overcoming anxiety to putting off a fire with gasoline. In other words, the harder one tried to repress panic attacks the scarier they get. Anxiety persuades the victim that he or she is either in real danger, going crazy, losing cognitive control, or about to die thus crippling any efforts of Dixon 3 overcoming the experience. Since many people struggling with anxiety consider themselves powerless and hopeless, it is important to seek help of a psychiatrist. Jessica has mentioned to me numerous times that the help her psychiatrist gave to her is the reason that she decided to major in psychology. These specialists are not only well trained but also highly experienced and are aware of effective therapies. Admitting that you need help as well as seeking assistance quickens the process of overcoming panic attacks.

Experimenting With Verified Anxiety-Reducers Over the years, evidence-based studies have documented a number of proven strategies that are successful in reducing anxiety as well as stress and depression. Firstly, it is recommendable to take deep breaths anytime one feels anxious. Taking deep breaths increases the amount of oxygen reaching the brain thus making it easy to think clearly. Secondly, engaging in physical exercises reduces the levels of the stress-causing hormone called cortisol while increasing the production of endorphin, which boosts happiness. Jessica has learned to jog, and we hike alot together whenever possible. Thirdly, meditating, praying, and eating healthy have proven to have positive impacts on the process of overcoming anxiety as I have seen first hand with Jessica.


While it is normal to experience mild levels of anxiety under certain circumstances, as I have sure seen since entering college, some people struggle with extreme panic attacks that greatly lower the quality of their lives. As this paper has shown, the process of overcoming anxiety is gradual and requires personal commitment and the willingness to seek help if needed. Apart Dixon 4 from exploring the concept, sources, and triggers of anxiety, one must be willing to embrace a vigorous lifestyle characterized by physical activities, healthy eating, prayers, and meditations.

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