How to make puppy chow?

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How to Essay or Speech? How to make puppy chow? First you need a catchy introduction which you can provide! I will tell you body and conclusion. First you will need to make sure you have everything to make puppy chow! You will need peanut butter, chocolate chips, butter, crispex (or similar cereal) and of course powder sugar. Then you need to put 1 stick of butter, a cup of chocolate chips, and a cup of peanut butter into a small or medium sized bowl and melt it in the microwave. Around about two minutes is good but if it is still lumpy like then you want to put it in longer and when you take it out you need to stir it together so it is mixed very well together. Next you will need to find a large bowl and put in 9 cups of crispex or similar cereal. Then you will need to take that chocolate mixture that you melted in the microwave and pour it over the top of your crispex and then stir it to make sure that all the cereal is covered thoroughly and it all should be covered with the chocolate topping! Next you need to find a paper bag and put the chocolate covered cereal in it and pour over around 3 cups of powdered sugar and shake the bag to cover all the cereal with powdered sugar…you may need to add more powdered sugar depending on what you prefer. Conclusion: That is how you make puppy chow!

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