Two-Fluid Cosmological Model in Einstein-Rosen Inflationary Universe

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In this paper we have studied universe filled with two-fluid in an anisotropic and homogeneous Einstein – Rosen metric. For an inflationary universe we have considered one fluid which represent the matter content of the universe and other fluid is chosen to model the CNB radiation. The physical and geometric cosmological parameter are studied and discussed.

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“Two-Fluid Cosmological Model in Einstein-Rosen Inflationary Universe”

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Einstein – Rosen metric, inflationary Universe, two-fluid.


In present stage, many authors have been interested in cosmological models of the universe because of the early stages of its evolution.

Inflationary Universe in general relativity has been investigated by Guth[1], Linde[2] and La and Steinhardt[3]. Burd and Barrow [4], Wald[5], Barrow[6]studied different aspects of scalar field.

Bianchi type-I model with a two fluid source has been investigated by Oli[18] with and without variable G and. Pant and Oli[19] investigated two fluid cosmological models using Bianchi type-II space time. Two fluid Bianchi type-VI models are studied by Coley and Dunn[11]. Beesham[8],Chakraborty and Roy [10] studied the Bianchi type cosmological models for perfect fluid. Einstein’s field equations with varying G and has been investigated by Kalligas et al.[15], Arbab[7], Beesham et al.[9] and Kilinc[16]. Vishwakarma[20] examined Bianchi type-I model with varying G and.

Adhav et al.[21] investigated the power law solution of two fluid cosmologicalfield equation in Bianchi type –III space time in absence of variable gravitational and cosmological constant (G & ).They showed that the model admit point singularity . Adhav et al.[22] constructed anisotropic homogeneous two-fluid cosmological models Bianchi type-V space time without variable G and .This work is an extension of Adhav et al.[21] by introducing variable gravitational and cosmological constant (G &).

Here we investigated two fluid models in Einstein – Rosen inflationary Universe in general relativity.


We observed that the expansion scalar and shear scalar are constants which indicates the universe is anisotropic throughout the evolution of the universe. The sign of deceleration parameter q is negative that is the model is accelerating which is constant with the present day observations.

This model will be useful for a better understanding of inflationary cosmology in Einstein – Rosen space time.


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