Why Millennials are not Everyone

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A young male, 18-year-old is at home watching the news with his family when news suddenly came on the tv talking about hunting seasons seeing how it decrease from 1999 to 2018. In his mind, he thinks the reason why is that people are not into hunting nowadays. When a reporter was interviewing an older male, he said  To me personally I think the reason why people are not into hunting is with these phones. That all people are playing on. Then the 18-year old’s dad said,  Dum millennials you are your phones you keep playing all day.     

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“Why Millennials are not Everyone”

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       Why do parents and older generations kept blaming millennials for problems that are not to blame.? Some people say that the millennials generation was born and raised into the ear of the internet and smartphones. Making them lose concentration in classes and addicted to being on their phones twenty-four hours. Playing video games all day, not communicating with family, and not doing their task that they are told to do. It is amazing, yet sad. People keep blaming the millennials for the reasons of how our society. Reasons include not being interactive with family, always being on their phones, not working hard to earn their education, and caring more about themselves  society changes that a fact but what shapes society is the individuals. How the individual acts it develops the future generations. At the end of all the reason, people nowadays tend to forget some universal common sense, for example, how a person has raised a big factor for the child.

        Another example is how the family of the individual is going through like facing depression. From the 1960s to present teens face depression it has increased due to social media users. Those who do not get treatment face depression it can lead to committing suicide, and that number has raised from the 1960s as well. These things with depression have many reasons for the cause. However, some factors of depression are around childhood trauma from abusive parents, saw something that individual was not supposed to see, or death. How does this connect to people blaming millennials? It surrounds the parents of the individual making them as they are letting people blame them on their actions.

            There is one flaw that people say about millennials is that the generation is no longer active. The generation was born from 1981 to 1996 (ages 22 to 37 in 2018). Post-millennials and generation z call the generation after 1996. Some may see there no difference that why they keep calling people millennials but there is a difference to each generation.

            What are millennials and what makes them different from gen z? First thing Millennials are from the 1980s to 1996 there were born after baby boomer generation from 1946-1980s  an interesting fact according to article baby boomers where first-generation nicknamed me generation. Millennials were an optimistic generation that seen as being pandered to by parents and adults in their lives. Gen Z, on the other hand, is more pragmatic while Millennials were raised during an economic boom, Gen Z grew up during the recession. The millennials were shaped by the financial pressure that occurred during their childhood years, when their parents and communities may have been struggling with employment and finances. Thus, the most successful marketing toward Gen Z focuses on long-term value and smart investments. Gen Z tends to be more highly interested in saving money than millennials were at that age. Also, they attracted to purchases that maximize the value of every dollar, whereas millennials are more interested in the entire experience of buying a product. People now already know that millennials prefer brands that champion transparency and share their values. But Gen Z is even more obsessed with finding brands that feel authentic. For example, Dormify, a shop offering decor for small spaces, finds that darker, lower-quality imagery works best for Gen Z. Showing real customers’ before and after photos instead of photoshoots has brought the most success. The last difference that is big from Gen z is that millennials were in middle and high school, brand names were all the rage. Emblazoning t-shirts, jeans, and shoes with the hottest brands were how they showed your fashion sense. Now that they are adults, millennials may be willing to pay more for their preferred brands. Gen Z, on the other hand, does not want to be defined by any brand other than their own. They want to celebrate own independence, and they use social media to find communities where they feel they belong. There are more differences between them but these where big ones that break them apart from each other.

            What is Gene Z ( Generation Z) and what makes them different from millennials? Gene Z is born from 1997 to 2010 after Gene Z is the Snowflake generations from the 2010s to the present. Snowflakes generation are an overly sensitive person who thinks the world revolves around them and gasp in horror when they hear an opinion they do not like and believe they have a right to be protected from anything unpalatable.

People still tend to call Gene Z and Snowflakes as millennials its wrong. Gene Z is digital natives. They were born amidst smartphones, tablets, and flatscreen TVs, but unlike millennials, they learned them from babyhood. They are very independent learners. They use the internet for everything and learn from online tutorials. They have very short attention spans. The average is about 8 seconds. We have to bear this in mind if we want to reach them with a specific message. Gene Z  immersed in multitasking: they can watch a TV series, check a computer screen, and write a document at once. They have entrepreneurial ambitions. About 73 percent of the Generation Z teens dream about having their own business or implementing a business idea. And They are friends without borders. They contact other young people from their generation from other countries and travel to meet each other.

Millennials are not everyone no matter what, or how many people say. Each generation is different and unique, and many will keep on saying millennial, millennial to an individual but with this data that has been told. Individuals should use it as a defense. Each new generation that comes to society will always change the shape of the world.


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