Service / Product of In-home Daycare

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Attending a high-quality program prepares a kid for kindergarten and beyond. Providing a center where children can be accommodated is thus a noble idea. This plan presents an idea of coming up with an in-home daycare program that will befit toddlers. Toddlers possess the best ability to retain a new language if taught using the right means. As children grow, their capability of maintaining a new language increase but after 13 years, they cannot learn a new language (Genius, 2011). Contrary to popular belief, learning a second language does not interfere with the learning of the first language. In fact, it gives the toddler the advantage of learning two languages at simultaneously. This program will offer French as a second language. Teaching a toddler, a second language gives them the ability to execute tasks that require executive functioning. The teaching of French in particular as a second language gives the toddler the advantage of learning English faster as the English language has borrowed extensively from French. Additionally, they will be exposed to the culture of the French through the language. Apparently, language and culture are inseparable as the culture of people is infused in their language.

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“Service / Product of In-home Daycare”

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Psychologists propose that toddlers should be kept safe, and closer to their home so that they can relate well as they learn. With this program, the toddlers will be exposed to a safe environmental learning condition in regards to personal and external safety. They will be taken care of as they are channeled towards the educational experience. Additionally, the center will be close to their homes, and this will offer a psychological comfort to enable them to learn well. It is recommended that toddlers be exposed to outdoor activities to enable them to develop both physically and mentally. This center will have outdoor activities for the toddlers and will be taken for trips to the park occasionally. They will also be exposed to a trustworthy educator who will attend to their physical and psychological needs (Genius, 2011). They will also be taught on core virtues such as obedience, trustworthiness, honesty, and kindness.

Toddler centers are supposed to be located in safe environments where the parents can access them with ease. The center stands outs from the others due to its proximity. It is situated in a safe and secure place in 248 129th Ave NE Bellevue WA 98005 close to parks and library. This will ensure that the toddlers get are provided with enough resources from the library to help them adapt accordingly (Greenman, Stonehouse & Schweikert, 2010). This is a location which is indeed close to the highway, and the toddlers will not have to walk for a couple of long distances before reaching the center. This is advantageous to the working parents as they can check on their children at any time. Since the center is supposed to be close to Microsoft Offices, the parents who work there will have easy access to their children.

For the success of the toddlers, communication between the parents and staff members is important. That is why an apt child care program is necessary (Greenman, Stonehouse & Schweikert, 2010). The staff members will show their commitment toward working with young children. They must resolve to behave professionally when at work to ensure that children have the best time in school.

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