Westward Expansion on the Rise

Westward Expansion was a really important time in a America’samerican history. People were in the need of gGold and they wanted to start their new lives on a fresh page.

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny was the belief that it was America’s believed it was there duty to stretch from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Do you believe it was there duty?

Manifest Destiny was caused by the fact that american people were connected to english civilization. It affected all the lives of lower class and middle class They believed there was prosperity waitinged for those who traveled west. They thought Manifest Destiny was all God’s Plan.

The 19th Ccentury doctrine or belief that the expansion of

The U.S carried throughout the american continents

wWas justified. Manifest Ddestiny carried on until WWI.

Transcontinental Railroad

Manifest Destiny was on the rise and people wanted to get to the west but they couldn’t because they only had wagons and that took too long but then that all changed when they started building the Transcontinental Railroad. The Transcontinental Railroad took 7 years to build. The line length was 3,007 km and it crossed a whole continent. It was opened on May 10, 1869. The workers were mainly chinese immigrants looking for a job. They faced a lot of unfair treatment and discrimination. Before the Transcontinental Railroad was made it cost $1,000 to get across the country and now it cost $150. The Railroad met In Promontory, Utah. 50-150 workers died because of landslides and explosions. Thanks you to the Transcontinental Railroad now we can travel faster and ship more goods.

Homestead Act

The Homestead Act wereas several lLaws in the U.S which an applicant could rent land. ThHe Homestead Act is nonexistent because the act got repealed. But it allowed any man or women a free chance.Opened settlement in the Western U.S. Freed Slaves could also but land. It was $18 for 160 acres of land. When they got the land they had to make sod houses. To get land you had to do a land run. It provided limited protection of the value of the house. The Homestead Act helped a lot of people not be in poverty and actually gave them a chance.

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