Effects of Human Impact on the Environment

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Pollution means the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects. Basically it means how you treat your world. Like it’s up to us how we treat it because this is our world and if we treat it bad then we will get sick. Did you know that greenland ice is melting and that helps balance the seasons. When the ice is fully gone then there will be no winter just plain summer.

The reason why greenland ice is melting because when we litter, drive cars, and the factory it's making it worse. Like when you go to the lake our something you sometimes see cans, wrappers, and more. Or factory they let out the fumes and stuff in the air it evaporates which causes the sun to start a global warming. Same as cars they do they same which cause more global warming. And plus we get oxygen from trees but then people started to cut down trees for paper, but shouldn’t oxygen more important the paper?

When a hurricane is form it’s by the heat that’s on the water. Like the heat it’s making the water boil and a hurricane is made. So when greenland ice is gone half the world going to be cover in water and some parts are not. And the only reason we have winter is because of greenland. Like when it’s warm and dry winds the temperature rise up by 30 degrees and it’s temperature record is supposed to be 25.9 degrees. Greenland climate average temperatures that do not exceed 10 degrees(50 fahrenheit) in the warmest summer months.

The animals are dying fast. They are dying from littering. When there's no food they start looking for stuff on the ground which causes them to choke on things. There was this one bird who die and they cut the bird open to see what’s inside and comes to find out there was wrappers, cans, and more. What we are doing to our world is damaging it not fixing it. Like if you was trying to fix it then by now the people wouldn’t do things that would harm other people or things or to the world, but no that’s not it.

The water we drink from can get dirty so fast you would be sick. Like the water we drink now is good and health. But when everything changes like the water it starts to become nasty. When you litter in the water and they gotta clean that out and everything can change. Not only that you are affecting the water and people stop caring about water. Like they now there are juices and pop so.

In conclusion, we needa change how we do things and stuff. Back in the day they didn’t have cars or phone and stuff. They would walk or ride a bike, but when people started to invent things that’s when everything started to change. To be honest if we keep doing what we doing now then we will probably wouldn’t existed no more. Like everything happens for reason because of what you do or by fate. Wouldn’t you want to go back and fix everything instead of the world now cause everything might be gone, so gotta change our life style or there wouldn’t be anything on Earth no more.       

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