Harriet Tubman and Five Greatest Leaders

Comparing Harriet Tubman to five of the worldr’s greatest leaders of all time, I will compare her to Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King JR. Though some of these leaders believed in peace and were non violent, some of these leaders like Genghis Khan are notorious for their brutality.

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“Harriet Tubman and Five Greatest Leaders”

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Something that a lot of them had in common is that they all led a great fight for what they believed in. Adolf led all of Germany in his quest of supremacy and genocide, like Genghis Khan got an entire empire together to conquer the world. While Martin Luther King JR had revolutionized an entire country to bring equality and peace to light, Gandhi revolutionized the world with his message of world peace.

Harriet Tubman was an outstanding lady who fought relentlessly in her battle for equality. Much like Gandhi, she was a civil rights activist. She had also led a nonviolent battle. She escaped what would have ultimately kept her down, and made a stand. She was also an abolitionist like Gandhi. She fought relentlessly to abolish the cruelty of slavery and racism that not only riddled our country, but rather riddled the countries surrounding us as well. But, where she and Gandhi differ, is that Harriet Tubman did not run a religious campaign though Gandhi did.

She also had similar traits to those of Genghis Khan, though they had very different battles and had very different ideas. While Genghis Khan had sought out to take control of the entire world, Harriet Tubman had sought out to save the world and put an end to all the hatred that had taken over the southern United States. Genghis Khan is notorious to this day for his brutal force and violence he used in his expedition to conquer the world as well as his relentlessness, while Harriet Tubman is also known for her relentless fighting spirit but was not a violent protester. also, Harriet Tubman was an activist, rather than a ruler of an empire that sought world domination like Genghis Khan.

Although both were outstanding civil rights leaders for african americans in the United States, they still had some differences. Martin Luther King JR fought for the same things as Harriet Tubman, but he was wealthy and had not suffered the same brutality that Harriet Tubman had suffered. Alo, Martin Luther King Jr was a wealthy scholar. Harriet being a former slave, she had no money to afford an education and she lived rather poor. They were both very influential characters in the civil rights movement, both led non violent campaigns, and both were extremely determined to make a change happen in our country so that we can have the level of equality that we have today.
Another nonviolent civil rights activist was Cesar Chavez who also led a humongous revolution in the United States. While Harriet Tubman fought for the rights of the African American community, Cesar Chavez managed to create equality for the Chicano, or mexican american, community in America. They had both suffered the abuse of the white people who had attempted to hold them down and treat them as property rather than actual people., but still maintained their nonviolent stance. Cesar Chavez lost his home, and went into a deep depression afterwards. But harriet tubman didn’t have a home, he went out and found a place to call home after escaping the slavery in the South.

I found it surprising that with all she faced, Harriet Tubman never fought back violently, because with all the abuse she took, it must have taken even more courage to not fight back, but to fight back in peaceful protests. Another fact that I found to be surprising, is the that Harriet and someone as evil as Adolf Hitler did have something in common. Though the only similarity is that they both do everything in their power to secure their belief of a better future, it is still a similarity between them. Another fact that i found to be quite interesting, was the depression of Cesar Chavez. I would not have guessed that someone who had fought so hard and had so much determination, would then become even after winning his fight for equality.

Also, I found it interesting that even with all the things Gandhi had went through, he remained such a peaceful man and never caused any harm to anyone. Finally, I found it to be very interesting the strength of Harriet Tubman. Rather than remaining hidden after escaping the south, she became an activist and fought for the entire country to be freed.

In conclusion, through all the struggles and battles Harriet went through in her life, she was a very strong woman and made a great difference. Also, though these great leaders had their similarities, they were also very different from each other. These leaders each led an amazing fight for their beliefs, no matter if their belief was a good belief or a bad one. Either way, they are the worldr’s greatest leaders of all time.

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