How did Harriet Tubman Change the World

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. this is a quote by Harriet Tubman. Early life for Harriet Tubman was horrible because she was born a SLAVE. Now how did Harriet tubman change the world well she did so much, but here’s one she got rights for african americans. Now how did harriet Tubman accomplish her dream or goal. Well she freed thousands of slaves.

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“How did Harriet Tubman Change the World”

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Early Life:

Harriet Tubman was born a slave in Maryland and born around 1820 to 1821. Harriet Tubman’s real name was Araminta Ross but she used her mother’s name instead. Harriet Tubman also lived in a one room cabin with eleven children. When six Harriet was taken to another family and had to take care of a baby. Harriet was Sometimes Beaten and could only eat table scraps. Then Harriet Tubman had some jobs on the plantation. Such as plowing the fields and loading produce into wagons. Harriet Tubman became strong doing manual labor like hauling logs and driving oxan. Then when she was thirteen Harriet Tubman got horrible head injury. And you might ask how well Harriet Tubman went to town and went inside of a countryside store and a slave owner tried to through a two pound weight from the storekeeperr’s scales at his slave but missed him and hit Harriet instead and it almost Killed her and it caused her head dizzy spells ( Dizzy spell are when you get light headed and you have to sit down if not you will fall down.) and blackouts for the rest of her life. ( Blackout are when you completely blackout so you basically passout.) After Harriet Tubman learned there were states that slavery was OUTLAWED!

Changing the World:

Slaves escaped the North Underground Railroad. But the underground railroad was not a real railroad it was a number of safe homes for slaves called stations it would help hide slaves as they travelled up north. Whoever helped the slaves go to station to station they were called conductors they would help them until they reached the north. In 18445 Harriet Tubman decided to escape through the underground railroad. After a long and scary ride Harriet Tubman made it to Pennsylvania and was finally free. In 1850 the fugitive slave act passed.this meant that slaves could be taken from free states and returned to their owner. What you had to do to be free was that you had to escape through Canada and Harriet Tubman wanted to help others escape to Canada including her family. So she became an underground railroad conductor and became a famous one. Harriet Tubman led nineteen different escapes from the south and helped around 300 slaves to escape and became known as Moses. Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom and she was brave and she helped her mother and father escape to, and Harriet Tubman NEVER lost a slave and never got caught. Harriet Tubman also helped in the Civil War she helped wounded soldiers and was a spy for the North she also helped the Military campaign and led to rescue over seven hundred fifty slaves. After war Harriet Tubman lived in New York and helped poor and sick people.

Achieving Her Dream:

Harriet Tubman was an extraordinary person she fought for rights for African Americans.Harriet Tubman freed thousands of slaves and freed around three hundred from Maryland to Pennsylvania but Harriet Tubman felt bad about leaving so she went back and she heard that her niece and her two children were being sold and Harriet Tubman snuck them out. Harriet Tubman was such a great person because she has done all of and more with a chronic head disease. Sometimes Harriet Tubman had visions and she would write about using her nighttimers and used them to free slaves.

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