Harriet Tubman: Brave American Abolitionist

Harriet Tubman

The person we know as Harriet Tubman is well known in history. Many do not know her real name is Araminta Minty Ross given to her by her parents, Harriet Green and Benjamin Ross. Araminta was born in 1820 in Maryland, she was born to enslaved african americans and had grown up on a plantation owned by Edward Bordas. Eventually over the time she was living there she had changed her name to Harriet Tubman. Over time Tubman was also known as Moses to many people.

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“Harriet Tubman: Brave American Abolitionist”

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Harriet had many hardships in life one out of many being beaten for not wanting to do jobs that were not on the field and due to that she would be sent home beat. Another hardship would be her escaping slavery and leaving her family behind. Harriet was torn after her siblings had been sold to the point where she wanted to escape for her self and to finally achieve her goal of freedom.Harriet Tubman had escaped to pennsylvania in 1849, but freedom was not enough for her, she wanted more and the more she wanted is freedom for others as well such as her own family and friends on the plantation.

Harriet Tubman was known for many great things, one of those things were her use of the Underground Railroad where she was known as a conductor , a conductor is a person who leads enslaved african americans to freedom. Then there is pilots, these people go down south to seek enslaved african americans wanting to escape. The enslaved african americans wanting to escape to freedom are known as passengers or even cargo. Lastly, the safehouses the enslaved african americans resided in were known as stations. Harriet Tubman had used the Underground Railroad the most during the fall or spring due to the shorter daylight hours. It was easier to move the enslaved african americans in the dark so they wouldn’t be caught in the process of a crime.

Tubman never use the same route back to back, the reason for this is so she wouldn’t be caught helping enslaved african americans escape from their owners. While doing this she had gone against the Fugitive Slave Law which was a law where you had to return the runaway slaves. Harriet never cared about this law, she had continued escorting enslaved african americans north into Canada.

Harriet Tubman was also known as a brave American abolitionist, political activist, as well as a women’s suffrage activist.

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