Comparing Gandhi to 5 other Greatest Leaders

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I will be comparing some of the known Greatest Leaders with Gandhi today the 5 leaders I will be using today is Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther King JR, Genghis Khan, Harriet Tubman, and Cesar Chavez although these leaders all did something different they still have something that makes them the same and that's how they all wanted to change something they didn't believe was right.

I will be comparing Gandhi and Hitler where I live hitler is considered a bad person and what he did was wrong and Gandhi is known as one of the most peaceful person why didn't use violence to fight back some differences they had was that in Gandhi's eyes everyone was the same while in Hitler's he only saw perfection in blond hair and blue eyes. Hitler grow up poor as a child while Gandhi grow up slightly in the middle class so their social standards slightly different. Even though they were different they also had some similarities like both having been in the military and growing up very religious they were born with the power to give great speeches to influencing people to follow them which is what  got them loads of followers and helped them stand thier ground to get to thier goal.

One thing Gandhi liked to do was march to protest it was also what Martin Luther King JR did Gandhi was one of the people to inspire Martin Luther King JR in a way they were very similar then they were different they both believed it wasn't right to use violence to get your message across instead they used different methods like strikes and protest are just marching to get there points across this not violence also had to do with how religious they were growing up, they wanted to make a civil rights movement. The only difference they had was that Gandhi traveled the world to hold protest for other people who needed help with their rights and freedom but overall Gandhi and Martin Luther King had the same ideal plan then any of the other leaders I'm going to compare Gandhi to.

Gandhi was never one to use violence to get his way unlike Genghis Khan who made people terrified of him because of his killing methods that were straight Torturing they, had different religions which may be why Khan was more forceful than Gandhi. They both gave people a choice to follow them of course if they choose not to follow Khan they would have got killed so he had a lot of followers out of fear they still gave you the right to pick what you wanted theirs not very much to compare similar with them.

Gandhi never hide his work he always did it in the open unlike Harriet Tubman who had to stay hidden to help people because in her time she would of died for her crimes. Harriet Tubman was never very religious like Gandhi and she used different ways to save her people it was never the same train or place twice she had to be very careful unlike Gandhi who could just go out in the open to do his protest but he wasn't breaking laws either. They both believed in civil rights and were activist.

Even though Gandhi was ruled by Britain they weren't really enslaved almost like Cesar Chavez but he had to work multiple hours to stay in his house and didn't have a lot of freedom. Even though they were both treated wrong by white people they never used violence to get their point across they held protest instead they also both fought for civil rights and were activist.

A couple facts I found interesting

  1. how they all had something in coming since they all had different time zones kinda.
  2. Gandhi and MLK had a lot of similar things they did even though they had different cultures and goals
  3. Hitler was born in Austria but moved to Germany
  4. One of Gandhi's nickname was Bapu
  5. They all in a way achieved their goals

These are my comparisons to the 5 Greatest Leaders of all Time Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther King JR, Genghis Mahatma Gandhi, Khan, Harriet Tubman, and Cesar Chavez

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