Harnessing the Power of Passion in your Network Marketing Business 

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Staying motivated and excited about your MLM or Direct Marketing business can be one of the biggest challenges we face as network marketers. Let’s face it, this business takes lots of hard work, dedication, commitment, time management, careful planning, hours of networking and trying like crazy to turn No’s into Yes’s? How many of you like myself, started on this journey while still working a full time job, trying to juggle a family, housework, and everything else life throws at you? Aside from the obvious reasons people fail like not being committed, lack of knowledge, lack of support etc. I believe having no passion is a huge factor for many people that fail in network marketing. Think about this for a minute….ask yourself these questions. Did you ever have a passion for network marketing to begin with? What about for the business opportunity you joined? Did you just like the products, so you decided to try selling? Or did you just lose your passion somewhere along the way? What I learned over the past few years is that passion plays a huge role in our success as a network marketer.

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“Harnessing the Power of Passion in your Network Marketing Business ”

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First, I don’t know about you but when I started in network marketing I wasn’t even looking for an opportunity to make money from home through an MLM or network marketing business. In all honesty, I already had a great career and never thought of myself as doing this network marketing. So how did I get started you ask? Well, my journey started because someone I knew introduced me to the products and the opportunity. At first, I was just purchasing the products to support her and when she mentioned the opportunity I thought “what the heck” not sure I’ll be any good at it but why not give it a try; besides, I didn’t have to purchase anything additional to join I just had to pay a $40.00 fee to be able to promote the products. I won’t mention company names but sadly the company had a bad reputation for having you spam your page with product post and people’s messengers with scripts. In addition, the girl who signed me up even started friending all my friends and inviting them to her online parties!! (I had no idea at the time you could hide your friends list). Needless to say it was not the best experience starting out in this industry, and I quickly got frustrated and gave up. I also found that I didn’t really like the products either once I received them.

This leads me to my first point, if you started this journey for the same reasons I did, you probably had no passion to begin with and your likelihood of suffering the same fate as I did is almost guaranteed. You had to have really wanted to do network marketing to begin with in order to have any hope of being successful. I’m sure there are some of you who started the same way I did and may have found you had a knack for this and absolutely fell in love and found great success but the bottom line is for most you won’t. You had to have wanted it to start with not just sorta wanted it.

So you tried a product maybe even purchased them a few times or maybe you never even tried the products at all but someone sold you on the dream. The dream of being your own boss, working any hours you want, earning a free car and trips, and of earning thousands of dollars with their great compensation plan right? This happened to me too, as I stated above I had given up network marketing for about six months and than saw some people who appeared to be having success on my Facebook page and thought maybe I could try this again, after all working for myself sounded pretty good right? All I needed to do was just find a better network marketing company right? I came across another opportunity and someone who had promised I could do this in what little spare time I had and that the compensation plan was amazing. She also promised lots of support and help while I learned this business. I signed up and quickly realized it was more work than I had bargained for.

Now, I am certainly not adverse to hard work but this was in health and wellness let me tell you there are tons of people who want to lose weight or get healthy; but to be honest most don’t want to pay for expensive products or want it bad enough to be consistent. If you’re in health and wellness you know by now that people often need a lot of guidance, ongoing support and motivation right…. Accountability is huge if your in health and wellness. This long story, leads me to the next point.. Now, I am pretty fit and healthy; however, I am certainly not the girl you find at the gym several times a week or reading up on health related industry news or running a 10k, I hate running lol. Recently I have started to get better about trying to eat clean but health is just not something I could say I’m extremely passionate about.

The problem is like myself you may have started with selling something you are not passionate about. Now, you could still do well though if you have a passion for helping people but, you will need to spend a lot of time learning and developing the skills to help people with their journey. To be honest, if you are one of those people that rarely works out, if ever, and who doesn’t watch what you eat or that doesn’t spend a lot of time catching up on the latest diet and nutritional related news you will likely struggle in this industry. You really have to ‘be a product of the product” and you will need to be providing lots of value and lots of support. I had several people approach me throughout the years about selling jewelry or make up too. I have never been a huge fan of jewelry, I pretty much wear the same exact pieces of jewelry every day and make-up I only wear when I’m going out or doing a live. If you want to have a any chance of being successful you absolutely must find something your passionate about.

Because others will see through that and you will definitely get burned out and your message will not have any fire behind it. Our passions have a way of energizing us and compelling us to want to learn more and do more. No passion means no story, if you can’t convey the passion you feel you certainly cannot expect others to feel the excitement about your brand either right? Passion is that enthusiasm or excitement we have for something, It is our primary reason as to why we love something. I will be the first to tell you if your not passionate about your side business you will get burned out very quickly and it will be hard to ever make it your primary source of income. Besides if you are going to work for yourself why not love what you’re doing right? So how do you figure out what your passions are?

This was the hardest part for me, I had lots of interests; but, I would not have called any of them a passion. Some people are very lucky they know exactly what that passion is and you’re probably doing that very thing right now. For myself, I was a single mom, worked two jobs and put myself through college all simultaneously for eight years, I hardly had time to sleep much less discover a passion? Passions can be many things. Passions can be things like sailing, cooking, or traveling but it could also be things like teaching, writing, planning events, or designing websites. Just because you are not good at something doesn’t mean your passionate about it, no matter what skill is required regardless of our passion. So find something your passionate about and develop your skills.

Start with these activities to see if you can find yours:

  1. Write down your hobbies, interest (some of you may know exactly what those are?)
  2. What topic(s) can you talk endlessly about?
  3. If money was no object, what job could you do for the rest of your life and not get paid and still want to do it every day?

If you are struggling like I did, you have several interest but don’t know how you would make those cohesive in a message or you have no idea what your passion or interest are then try to look at the underlying theme. Ask yourself these questions

  1. What is it IN YOU that finds each of these things interesting?
  2. What single quality or desire or belief IN YOU relates to all those things?  
  3. If you had to boil down all these things to one single thing that lights you up, what would it be?

If you can determine the connective thread this will allow to create your brand around a common theme, not just one interest. The next part of determining your brand is to determine your strengths. If you want to learn about finding your strengths refer to the next post “Finding your Super powers”.         

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