Passion Provides the Potential to Succeed

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It catalyzes hard work and encourages advancement in everything we do. But passion without a goal is ultimately futile. As for my future endeavors, I have always had passion to work in the STEM field, and a strong interest and calling to the field of science. My ambition is to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, in which I will deliver primary healthcare to a diverse community through diagnosing and treating illnesses and provide health education to patients based of medical and physical examinations. In order to achieve this goal, I planned to utilize every opportunity that I know will educate and push me towards my ambition, thus why I took such a strong interest when I learned about the CASE Advancement Internship program.

My name is Konrad Shirley and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my personal letter regarding the CASE Advancement Internship program. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and I am majoring in Chemistry. I am applying for this internship program, because I strongly believe it will provide me with an opportunity to elevate my level of professionalism in the work place and propel my potential to be successful in my desired career path. I learned about the CASE internship, because I was referred to the program by a board member of the Project of Higher Education. From my research, I immediately understood that CASE emphasizes professional development, a quality that many of my peers entering the workforce do not possess. After seeing this, I realized that I would love to take on the role as a CASE intern, if fortunate enough to gain the opportunity.

In order to prepare myself for the workforce, I have taken many opportunities to strengthen my abilities as a leader. I currently serve as Provincial Lieutenant Strategus of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. where I focus on the educational advancement of collegiate students in the Midwest. I also serve as an Elected Senator for Hall Council at my university, in which I focus on the needs and desires of the students in their different halls. These positions taught me how to lead and manage large groups of people in a professional way while also achieving the goal I had set. Regarding my work history, I have worked as a Physical Therapy Aide. This program not only gave me my first introduction into the medical field, but also showed me how to instruct and assist patients as they practiced exercises and activities with the care of medical trainers. This experience provided me with humility and patience while also pushing my passion deeper into the medical field. Though my passion for the medical field is strongly an internal desire, I would be amiss if I said I found it by myself. My parents have always encouraged me to find something that I love and to always put my best foot towards it. I am reassured that these previous experiences have provided me with many qualities such as strengthened leadership, increased maturity, and an elevated sense of responsibility. Though these experiences have guided me, I understand there is much more I must learn to be successful in my career.

I am certain that your internship will fortify my strengths and bring awareness to my flaws. I hope to utilize what I have learned so far and merge my experiences with the education I would receive from the internship. I am extremely excited about the idea of being able to work as a Case Intern and I am confident that my passion, past job, leadership experience, and educational background will match what you are looking for in the position.

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