Gun Control is One of the most Debating

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Gun control is one of the most debating and isolating issues in America. Other than historical deadly shootings, few recent shootings are Orlando nightclub shooting, Stoneman Douglas High school shooting, incident in Nevada by 64 years old stephen paddock, church shooting in Southern Spring, Texas and many more. All of these incidents are different from each other, and have different stories. Despite of such differences, ease of purchasing guns are understandable by most of the people. As a result, some consider gun control as an effective way to confront these shooting and reduce the crime rate. However, gun control is not the best solution to resolve the problem of gun violence or control the crime. In fact, gun control is ineffective in reducing the rate of crime.

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“Gun Control is One of the most Debating”

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Guns do not kill. Guns are used by people for mass killing. Therefore, people have to be controlled first. The reason of the any mass shooting is not only the Gun, but also it is the reason of any psychological, social or ethical problem. In the perspective of psychological issue, mentally sick person tries to find out a way to reduce his/her agony. Therefore, some of them select a violent way, which is more convincing in the society. Popular media convinces people with disorderly state of mind that their desire for attention would be satisfied if they killed people. As a result, psychopaths choose shooting as their method to get instant popularity or attentions. According to Shooting rampages, mental health, and the sensationalization of violence by Miguel Faria, evidence mounts that deadly rampages associated with sensationalization of mass shooting by popular medias.

Besides,gun-controlling laws are unconstitutional as it violates the second amendment, which gives right to people to bear arms. This amendment was being created to ensure Americans’ secured life, and to protect them from military putsch. If the gun control laws get strengthened,undoubtedly, life of Americans will be in danger. Founding fathers of United States created this amendment in greater context by thinking about lowering the power of federal government, and strengthening the internal power of the country. Subsequently, it protects the country from any foreign attack. These are the indirect benefits of having gun, which are not easily understandable by gun control supporters. Each and every constitution has great values and deep meaning. Right of bear arms has given the second priority. Therefore, any kind of unconstitutional thoughts and proposition has to be taken into greater consideration before it get ratified.

Gun control is not the best option to cut the crime, and to prove this claim, the best example would be Chicago. Chicago is one the major cities which has toughest gun laws in the country. In fact, Chicago had no gun shops; hands gun were completely banned until supreme court considered it unconstitutional in 2010. Despite of having strict gun laws, 4000 victims of gun related crimes were happened in Chicago in 2016. Does not Chicago proves that gun laws don’t work ? After the deadly LA shooting, White House confronted the question about gun laws. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sander responded those question with a hesitation as White House does not believe in gun control laws. To enforce the opinion of White house, she also illustrates the conditions of Chicago,and its strict gun laws. Furthermore, pointing at the Chicago, press secretary,Sarah Huckabee Sander, implicitly conveys the proposition that gun laws are unworthy.

Many people think gun control only reduces the crime rate and has no further consequences on the society. By focusing on gun-control law, supporters of this policy overlook the deeper problem of this. As it has serious economic disadvantages. In the report of CNBC, it states that annual revenue of gun manufacturing companies is around $1.5billion,besides,annual revenue from firearm store stands with a number of $478.4million profit. According to National Shooting Sport Federation, in total of 310,908 jobs are directly related with firearms and ammunition industry. In fact, the gun and ammunition industry was responsible for $51.41billion economic activity in 2017 according to NSSF. Therefore, gun industry has drastic impact on Americans. If gun-control laws get strengthened, thousands of Americans will lose jobs. In fact, the economy of United State of America will face catastrophic result of this.

All in all, gun control has various aspects to it. Popular figures often try to take advantage of this for their own progress, some do not understand the deeper consequences of gun control law, and indirect advantages of bearing arms. By controlling guns might reduce the crime rate, however, it will create more economical and political tensions, which will lead to social catastrophes. In contrast, the crime rate will go high. It is for these reasons that I believe gun control is not an effective way to cut the crime rate.

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