Gun Control is a Serious Problem in America


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All around America, there are tens of thousands of shootings yearly, which is quite significant. Guns kept at home have been proven more likely to be used as a means of killing an innocent person, rather than an intruder. Due to the terror being brought upon citizens as a result of frequent mass shootings, it has been debated whether or not gun control laws would ameliorate this problem. Despite the evidence, there is still an ongoing controversy regarding gun laws. Gun control laws need to be expanded. An increase on gun control would increase people’s sense of safety, decrease crime and death rates, and allow people to consider what is best for the whole of our nation.

Every year, thousands of Americans are victims of gun violence. Not only are these people directly affected, but many more are affected by the loss of loved ones to gun violence. So many lives have been ruined or lost due to guns being so readily available.

Other countries have controlled the problem.

After mass shootings, other countries have tightened laws for gun control. After these laws were passed, there were fewer shootings and casualties, so why haven’t we yet?

So many people are dying unnecessarily.

Americans own the most guns per person in the world, and consequently have the most public mass shootings in the world. This shows how more access to guns results in a greater amount of homicides.

Fewer deaths and less crime.

Statistics have shown that states with stricter gun laws consequently have lower crime and homicide rates.

The Constitution is made up of our rights given to us as citizens. This leads people to believe that due to being given this right, it should be exercised. People are blindly exercising their rights without considering the effects. As statistics have shown, allowing people to bear arms has resulted in more crime and homicides than when it was more controlled. Waters expresses his idea that not all rights are just. It is stated that “Our Constitution is unusually difficult to amend, but amendment is possible.

So it’s our responsibility to consider not just what the Constitution says, but what it should say” (Waters). As Waters stated, a right should not be perceived as “right” solely based off of the fact that it is the law. Even though it’s the law, does that mean it’s just? Many people ignore the evidence proving this law is detrimental simply due to the reason that we have been given this right. Another reason attributed to their lack of involvement is that it’s known to be extremely hard to change the constitution, so they are discouraged, as it seems pointless to work towards something virtually unattainable. However, with work, these laws could be changed and lives would be saved. If our Constitution allows something at the cost of many lives, we should not indulge it so readily.

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