The Early Leaders of the United States Confirms that Firearms have

Been part of the American tradition as protection and apart of the second amendment. As we come to reality the use of guns has changed dramatically, because of fast and steady increase in crime and the deaths of americans by far just handguns itself. Thereby the writer affirms that all handguns must be banned because they are the causes of many deaths amongst the people of the world today. To begin, the writer has observed in a recent article about young teens being killed by firearms. Over the years it seem as if its becoming a trend which is very tragic to say. Stating that “Guns will probably kill more young Americans than car accidents in 2015”.

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“The Early Leaders of the United States Confirms that Firearms have”

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This evidence affirms that guns are a huge problem and something that can be down to prevent so many deaths is to educate people on the effects of handguns and take them off the street. Moreover, according to the writer’s personal experience of a friends death by a handgun as well. Teens in this generation believe that playing with guns are popular and it makes them seem hard. In reality it’s a dangerous weapon that is killing innocent people. The writer friend was playing with a gun and it went off which struck him to his death. This undoubtedly demonstrates that handguns need to be banned and only used for emergency.

Although its legal to have a handgun for safety with papers, many people seem to get a hold of guns illegally. For instance if people continue to get illegal guns than that’s going to increase the deaths of people. Opponents of of gun control would say that restriction violates an individual liberty guaranteed by the Constitution and cite the need for armed self-defense the. However, they fail to see that it would increase gun violence, such as mass shooting, club shootings, and even robbing. Additionally of gun control would defend the notion that supports gun control would say that since it’s so much violence going on, people need guns to protect them against people that are determined to do harmful to others. To conclude, the writer wants readers to understand the major purpose of the effect of gun control and why it should be required. The second amendment may need to be rewritten because the violence in the world is increasing dramatically everyday. Gun control is an issue that need to be discussed. 

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