Government and Industry Partnership

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Government and Industry Partnership

In the time of crisis given in question, government and industries can work together. As soon as government knows about this crisis, government should take actions and ask the software companies or the third party who made these kinds of software and ask them to check their service provider about the issues that they are facing. On the Other side, as we know that self-driven cars or car-driver assistant, 90% of those cars works on batteries. Industries should check their software and inform government if they find any errors or else can find the solutions from that side in terms of software and security and inform government about this so government can take further actions which will be helpful in crisis to cut it.

Government and Industry individually have their specific roles and special points which will be help them together to find the solution from the crisis. Since government has the access all over the internet , government can ask private sectors, and networking infrastructure companies and service provide to ask them about the checking their network and can ask for data and if government finds some something malicious in software or in the network, government can inform the industry about the default or that malicious thing which is responsible for the crisis. Industry then can look into the their service provider' data and also can check the software and if they find anything which is responsible then, they can directly take an action towards it as they have direct access to their software and network services and since they have the user database, even they can inform users and can spread awareness from their end as well as ask the government to spread awareness about it.

As we know that strong point of the government is, government has all kind of resources, but government individually cannot properly utilize those resources. Also, as we know that government has access more on internet than private sectors. Whereas on the other side, Industries have more utilization power than government, but they do not have enough resources. Thus, industries and government work together than both can have access to resources and utilization power through which they can build the system that provides secure environment and manage it and can provide security. Government and Industry can provide security in such a way that government should only allow those companies to make these kinds of software which is registered in their database and can have strict rules to get the licence for making these kinds of software. While Industries can have more secure user database and privacy policies, service provide and can have rules about the purchasing self-driven car. These rules should be strict enough that while purchasing car or charging car, user have to go to the particular place only decided by the industries and government. Also, government and industries can spread awareness by giving demo to the people and by making strict rule and regulations from both the sides can prevent this situation from happening again.

To prevent this kind of situation from being happen again, government and industry should build such a network that is decentralized, and they can build this kind of network by using the concept of the blockchain. Also, extremely security measures should be taken. Within three years, government should organize such programs which are helpful for spreading awareness among people and Industries should make such a safety measures book or safety measure assistant with using AI (like Alexa) which will help in times of crisis or in times of accidents. Within five years, these update program safety programs should be done through which security can be improved, traffic can be controls and can detect immediately about any suspicious activities and malicious activates so that it can be prevented immediately also which can help from happening this crisis form very beginning so that this situation won't happen again.

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