Partnership with Saudi Arabia

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As we all know, US has an especially close partnership with Saudi Arabia and we trust the Saudi Administrations appreciably for any sort of reinforcements. Saudi Arabia has greatly supported the U.S. national security policies and has inclined tremendous military support. Saudi Arabia has also provided us a considerable amount of stability in the oil fields and oil shippings. Are we really willing to risk all this by intervening in Jamal Khashoggi's case? Currently, the best way for America to address Jamal Khashoggi's murder is by not interfering in the murder and letting the Saudis continue on with their investigations. This would secure our oil reserves, help us implant the $450 billion dollars that Saudi Arabia has granted in economical issues and other developments, and more importantly, it would still preserve our contract with Saudi Arabia.

US should definitely avert this matter because there is much at risk with the oil embargo. The oil reserves in Saudi Arabia are the 2nd largest in the world, estimated to be 268 billion barrels in total. Out of 268 billion barrels, 7.9 million barrels of crude oil a day is imported to USA (Saudi Arabia is No. 2 Supplier of oil to the United States). If we do happen to intervene, then the oil prices will increase profoundly and Saudi Arabia might as well cut off the exports. However, many people believe that by staying neutral, we're overlooking our moral principles and universal values.(The Senate is not going to let Trump shrug off Khashoggi's murder) They think as though we're supporting Saudi Arabia rather than opposing by staying impartial (The Perils of Indifference). But it's not as if USA has not taken any action towards this murder. We have already authorized 17 Saudis known to have been involved in the murder and there are still sufficient amount of investigations taking place in notice of the case (Donald Trump on Standing with Saudi Arabia). The United States still relies greatly on Saudi Arabia for oil and has to maintain it's shipments of oil from Saudi Arabia. So therefore, we cannot get involved in this occurrence.

Saudi Arabia had also negotiated and agreed to donate $450 billion dollars to the United States. We have already decided to spend $110 out of the $450 billion on the purchases of military equipment (Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Standing with Saudi Arabia). This amount of money can help us with many of our economical issues such as job developments and military assistance. Though, many people still believe as if US ignoring this matter just for money and wealth. But in reality, we are just strengthening our own country by enforcing such money on beneficial causes. We still have much growth and many advancements to take care of and for that, we need Saudi Arabia's support.

We still need to keep our affairs with Saudi Arabia alive because if we intervene, it will not only ruin our relationship with Saudi Arabia but it will also be too great of a loss as an ally. Iranians, for example, have killed many Americans and other harmless people throughout middle East and has launched many attacks toward us. Throughout these invasions, Saudi Arabia has constantly provided us assistance and helped us recover (Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Standing with Saudi Arabia). We can have complete certainty on Saudi Arabia when it comes to such matters. Nevertheless, many officials or members still have doubts about Saudi Arabia since Saudi Arabia has committed numerous amount of violations in the recent years.

Saudi authorities began arresting prominent women's rights activists, accusing several of them of grave crimes such as treason that appear to be directly related to their activism. (Saudi Arabia: Rights Abuses Under Scrutiny). But then again, we can't and are not basing this decision off of that. The contraventions of Saudi Arabia are all their responsibilities. We cannot just reverse our relationship based on this one incident which is conducted by a very small section of people even if these could be one of the most influential positions of the country. What matters is that if they have failed to regard any of our policies or fundamentals. And so far, they have been very contemporary and loyal towards our administrations.

With the oil production, the $450 billion dollar investment, and the military assistance and support provided by Saudi Arabia, there is no need for us to intervene. Even if we do interfere, what are the chances of US discovering the culprit when the many other larger agencies who have taken greater action can't since there is no direct evidence? We shouldn't jump to conclusions since we're still unsure of who did it because if we fail in our investigation, losing Saudi Arabia as an ally would be too great of a loss. At this point, the relationship status should be untouched and no significant actions should be taken on mere suspicions and no concrete evidences.

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