FYI, do you Know what Diabetes Is?

FYI, not all fruit candy has the actual fruit taste. Sometimes, there is what’s called artificial flavoring. The artificial(art-tuh-fish-ial) just means that people made it. Artificial Flavoring has a downside. It doesn’t exactly use the proper flavoring, and some people are allergic to it. That’s why it’s on most treats. Look around your sweet treat. Somewhere it says “Artificial Flavor” which we explained, or “ Natural flavors”, which is the flavors from the fruits you know.

FYI, Do you know what diabetes is? Diabetes (Di-uh-beet-ees) is a common disease within our countries. It’s where the digestive systems in your body stop working. Without them, you can’t properly use the nutrients in foods like bananas, oranges, broccoli, and tomatoes. There are 2 types of diabetes. Type 1 means that you were born with it. Type 2 is where you eat too much so your digestive systems fail. Many doctors use metformin to help digest the food the person with diabetes eat. That means the person with diabetes has to use a syringe themselves every day. So, yeah, don’t eat too much!

FYI, Diabetes does NOT mean getting fat. There is another term for this. It is known as obesity(oh-bee-city). Obesity means you are far over the average weight you have. Obesity can be caused by overeating, lots of sugar or salt in your foods, and too much starch, found in potatoes and rice. Candy can cause obesity, it has lots of sugar. And, that’s what HCC is for!

FYI, You may have eaten animal hides before. Do you know about JELLO? It is the substance made to make gummy bears. IT is not made of fruits. But, it is actually made from animal skin and bones. Although the diseases are stripped, it still processes the JELLO, making it more unhealthy. It can help with diabetes and other diseases, but be sure not to eat too much. It can make you sick, because the animal skin and bones are in the JELLO!

FYI, Cows are what make your milk. I’m pretty sure you know it bebore already though. But there’s different fats for food? There’s 2% fat, 1% fat, and fat free.2% fat means it has lots of fat, which clogs your intestines, which activates all the healthy stuff in the food. 1% fat means less fat, but still don’t eat too much, it can still clog the intstines. Fat free is healthy for kids like you, who need their dose of vitamins!

FYI, many cakes are actually not vegetarians. They use eggs to make the cakes, but there isn’t too much. It’s made from chickens. But, you don’t need to worry, both males and females lay eggs. The females lay the eggs with the chicks, and the males don’t. So, the people collect the males eggs, and sell it to production factories, where it is sent to warehouses, bakeries buy it, use it to make cakes, and you eating it. IT’s not just on cakes though. It’s on things like cakes too, like cupcakes. So, be careful.

FYI, Do you know why running is healthy for you? Because, when you eat candy, sugar is in your body. It isn’t good for your health. The best way to get rid of it is to burn it. Not literally, but to get rid of it. Any exercise can get rid of it, but running works the best. IT works the best because it energizes the body to work hard on burning the sugar. So, keep those legs moving!

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