Defining Diabetes

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Defining Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which the the bodys ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, meaning difference in metabolism and having high levels of sugar in your blood or urine.
Theres two types of Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

What causes

Type 1 diabetes is viruses that can trigger the disease within your system. Either being sick having the flu or other diseases. And the way type 2 diabetes are caused from if you are not physically active or either you are overweight or obese. Extra weight can sometimes cause insulin resistance which is somewhat common with people that have type 2 diabetes.

Symptoms and characteristics for Diabetes

Diabetes increases your thirst and hunger. And can also blurr your visions, make you very tired either mentally or physically extremely quick. The symptoms for type 1 diabetes start quick like can either start the next day or in a week. For type 2 diabetes the symptoms develop more slowly over the few years and can be unnoticeable. But usually several people that have type 2 diabetes have no symptoms or such. People dont find out they have this till they go for a checkup or have diabetes related health problems. Quick fact is that diabetes can also go through genes and family history and occur more often in certain racial/ethnic groups.

How is diabetes diagnosed?
Most people that have type 2 diabetes they dont know because there is no symptoms for type 2. Theres a simple way to know if you have type 2 diabetes and its just a simple blood test through your glucose. This test is meant to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. These are some suggestions to take a blood test for diabetes if you are overweight, parent or sibling have diabetes, having high blood pressure and etc.

What kinds of disabilities do you know of; describe them?
The types of disabilities I know of are such as blind, deaf, and autism. Blind is referring to people that cannot see or who have partial vision. Either was born blind or gone through a horrible accident. Deaf are people who have hard of hearing or cannot hear at all. But these people do have equipment or strategies to know. Autism is people that have difficulty in communication or interactions or other activities. And I think they are sensitive to touch, taste, smell, sound, sight or pain.

What problems do people with disabilities face in your community?
I believe the problems that they face is in my community is that they are not respected enough or just people do not know who they are and what they are going through. I say people in my community do not notice their existence enough. Or just they dont want to help that someone in need. I understand they dont have too but I believe that its more respectable, I dont know thats just me. The people we are okay not the best and not the worst but were okay. We just need to help out others in need more often I believe so.

Do you always try to help people who are disabled?
I always try to help people who are disabled as much as I can. If I know what type of disability they have I can probably be more helpful. But there is sometimes where I dont know whats going on and I cant be much of help. I understand there is times where you just have to let them be and do their own thing until they are done. I tend to help as much as I can and base on what i can do too.

How do you think people disabled in accidents come to terms with their new disability?
I believe that they somewhat go into depression because they cant do what they use to do because of that disability. I think they worry about what others will say well not really. Well I cant really know until you actually go through a type accident like that. I think some would just say to themselves life goes on . I cant really understand what would the terms turn to be. I think its just a big shock that turns the tables with your life. And you just dont know what happens with your life.

What daily problems do you think someone who uses a wheelchair may face each day?
I think they go through a lot just to begin the day. Such as waking up and use the restroom you have jump from your bed to your wheelchair and jump to the toilet seat. Or putting on clothes for school or the day you have yourself into your clothes or call someone for help. Then just rolling to the car as well jumping inside the car to the seat or have that special type of car that makes it easier I guess. Someone always have to help you in the morning routine. Then during the day imagine going through a crowd of kids in the school and no one moves out the way so youre just there getting upset about it. Theres just so many problems I believe they have to deal with on the daily. And I didnt even describe a full day for them. Which makes me feel bad about the people in wheelchairs at this moment.

Do you tend to think that disabled people always need your help?
I believe some disabled people would need my help not all because I know some had overcome their obstacle and are able to do it themselves. I think sometimes if you help them without asking you would just make them upset because maybe they were confident enough to handle it until you came in to help. Some disabled people would be mad because they would say I didnt need you to help me it would break their confidence I believe. Like if we pity them or something some disabled people think like that. I dont know its just me but ive seen it around. 

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