Stereotypes of Fraternity Members

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Stereotypes of Fraternity Members

Stereotypes are not narrowed down into one race, color, religion, age, social class, or sex. Although, each comes with their own stereotypes, all tend to be false and create a misinterpretation of someone before ever meeting them. Being a member of a fraternity comes with stereotypes that create an uncomfortable environment for some and causes possible people to not join one when it can create serious improvements in their life while in the fraternity and later in life. Stereotypes of members of a fraternity consist of being viewed as someone who pays for friends, rapists, rich spoiled kids, unintelligent, and countless more false stereotypes.

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“Stereotypes of Fraternity Members”

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I grew up in a Christian home with moral values and most importantly was taught that all people are equal. Being in a social gathering and thinking about others and hoping they do not feel uncomfortable merely because of your presence takes a toll on your psyche. Staples said in his short story Just Walk On By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space I began to take precautions to make myself less threatening. I move / about with care, particularly late in the evening. (line 125-126) I was once out with some buddies one night and when we bought a round of drinks, one my buddies, visibly a member of a fraternity because of his shirt, offered a girl a drink. Instead of taking the drink she grabs the one he had in his hand and gives him back the one he offered. At first, I completely understood why it’s a safe thing to do. Later in the night I noticed she was accepting drinks from guys and females without a question about any of them. I started to question what in a society creates a stereotype that all fraternity men are viewed as rapists who pay for friends.

A common stereotype in a fraternity is the thought because a fraternity has a fee to be an active member of it creates a paying for friends thought. Superman and Me Alexie said I refused to fail. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky. (Line 62) Being in a fraternity is not something just for friendship but for social networking and getting business like experiences. I noticed right before college that all jobs I’ve ever worked at I got the job due to me knowing someone who currently worked at that job. I then decided to start reaching out to people who were in fraternities and them being one of the largest groups you can find on a campus. By joining a fraternity, I gained lifelong friends, the ability to network all around the country, and business-like opportunities making a refuse to fail environment and very lucky to be a part of a fraternity. The amount you pay to be in a fraternity you eventually end up receiving back if not more one way or another. Not only does having to pay to be an active member in a fraternity create a stereotype that you pay for friends it also creates a stereotype that all members are rich and spoiled kids.

My mother and father always found a way to supply me with anything I needed yet made clear that not everything was given to me. I grew up on a farm in a middle-class family with a great mother and father much like in Superman and Me. (Alexie line 1) I am glad I grew up in a family like this as it taught me to work for what I wanted and if I were to spend my money it would be towards something worthwhile. At first, the only thing stopping me from joining a fraternity was the money. I talked to many members when I was just a potential member who were worse of then me in financial circumstances and made me realize really anyone in any social class can be in a fraternity. Whether it’s through T-shirts or hosting paid events or even concerts, you have access to all hosted by your fraternity through being in it and multiple resources from the house and other members. I have paid of my dues from the fraternity on time and much like my other brothers that are not upper class in a financial circumstance. Many of my fellow members grew up with very little and very quiet and humble members, dishonoring the snobby rich kid and unintelligent stereotype.

Members of fraternities have fell under the stereotype that they fail in academics and that they are unintelligent. Alexie talked about We were/ Indian children who were expected to be stupid. (Line 53-54) Much relatable to the stereotype involved with fraternities. The president of my Fraternity is a college major in psychology with a 3.8 Grade point average, our average grade point average for our chapter was a 3.2. 3 of our Alumni from our chapter are business owners yet our stereotypes are so undermining to the basis of the fraternity. I believe the stereotype bases out of the idea of fraternities throwing parties. People think that because many fraternities throw parties and that leads to lack of focus on academic work. College’s priority is getting grades and graduating which is the focus in fraternities also. Going out is a way to relieve stress from the schoolwork, homework and studying. Though excessively going out can cause this prioritizing is what causes the stereotypes to be false.

Stereotypes are not just in Fraternities but in all aspects of life. Stereotypes have always been an issue that prevents someone from getting to know furthermore about people and even organizations. These stereotypes can really affect the outlook somebody has on a fraternity that can cause many people to miss opportunities that a fraternity can give them. Stereotypes such as being unintelligent, rich spoiled kids, people who pay for friends, or even rapists in an organization such as a fraternity can be proved to be fully false and stereotypes should never be something someone takes seriously.

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