Franklin D Roosevelt was the 32nd President

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Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president, he served four presidential terms. He was the first and last president to have served more than two presidential terms (March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945). He was a president that showed us that he can make change happen. He gave the people a promise to get people employed and to help to give better days.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in New York. He was a part of the republican party. He died April 12, 1945 due to his health problems, the doctors stated that he had a Hemorrhagic Stroke. Franklin was actually related to Theodore Roosevelt in a very strange way. Franklin's wife was Threodores niece and she married Franklin with was her 5th cousin.

He proposed to her at age 19 and later they got married to each other. They had four kids but that didn’t stop him from having an affair. She was very furious about the affair because you know she thought he was in love with her. She told him she wanted to leave him, basically divorced him, and his mother didn’t want that so she tried to bribe her into staying with him. That didn’t stop him from continuing with his affair, it later became affairs.

The former president was a careless president. President Hoover was the reason for The Great Depression, President Calvin made the people believe that Hoover could keep the economy good. Hoover was running against Al Smith, a catholic, so of course the most votes were going to go to the Christian man. On October 29, 1929 the stock market crashed and they called it “Black Tuesday '' the start of the great depression. The people were mad and as soon as the election for the new term they were quick to vote for Roosevelt.

Roosevelt proposed a “New Deal” and he promised the people for better days than what Hoover put them through. What got the people wanting to vote for him was the “New Deal”, he proposed that he was going to put programs to help out the people. He wanted to provide people with jobs, he wanted to support the suffering. He told the people that if he was to become the president he was to act on helping as soon as possible. Roosevelt won both the popular and electoral vote, soon after he acted on what he promised.

Roosevelt wanted to end prohibition, it would be one less problem that wasn’t so relevant as much as the other problems. Congress soon passed the 21st amendment which ended the banning of alcoholic drinks. They ended prohibition due to the fact that there was so many organized crime they felt as if their plan to ban alcohol was a failure. The people felt happy that they finally got to drink alcohol without the punishment of being out in jail.

However, he wasn’t so successful with the “New Plan” it’s didnt stop him from trying to continue to better the United states. Soon enough Roosevelt came up with a second “new plan” to help out with the great depression because he made a promise to help the unemployed and he wanted to stick to his promise. He proposed the same things as the first but he wanted to take more action into the unemployed and give jobs to support them. With the second deal he opens up programs to help young people.

The program Works Progress Administration (WPA) was one of the largest programs helping out the people that were unemployed. This program spent around $11 billion to provide jobs for more than 8 million workers. They gave jobs to unskilled workers but they did get the jobs done, they were given jobs like road work and construction. Women worked as well, they worked as school nurses, teachers, maids, and they did a lot of sewing during the great depression.

The National Youth Administration (NYA) was a program created to help and give guidance to young adults as in high schoolers and college students. This program gave young adults training and part-time jobs to help them so they can learn to provide for themselves. Many students believed this program was very helpful and useful. This program supported all races, they wanted to focus on the education of all kids ages 16-25.

These programs for the young people were really good and beneficial to the people. So many people gain jobs because of Franklin. Franklin got so many people out of poverty, not to become rich but stable enough to provide for a family. People loved him for the things he did to help. That was a big reason why they let him serve four presidential terms.

Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDC) was an act that made any product to have to state everything that is in a product. He made this act happen because there were too many people dying. He wanted to make people not fear for their lives when they get a product. This Act was actually very helpful to the people. He saved many people's lives with this act.

Although he was a great president to our country he did have bad things he did himself besides the fact that he was a cheater to his wife. He turned down many jews that were being treated badly. A lot of jews wanted to come to the United states and were turned down because of all the things going on like the war. The jews should have been taken in because they were being killed just for their beliefs and their appearance. No it wasn't our job to care for them but to just let this happen to stand to the side and watch this man kill 6 million jews.

It wasn't right for him to turn them down, kids were killed and beaten. They were abused in many ways and it just wasn't right to just reject them. If anyone was to be in their shoes they would have been terrified and praying for the United States to take them in. Imagine all the scared people wishing to have been saved from a horrible person.

But even though that was a con he did get the people out of the great depression and he helped our country in a way hoover didn't do because he believed that the government wasn’t to help the people that it wasn't their responsibility to take care of their own people. Hoover would rather see his people and economy go down than to help his people. That's why Roosevelt won the election against hoover, Hoover was just not fit to be a president.

Franklin showed how much of a better president he was. He proved to the people that he could do better than Hoover. He showed us that he was going to do way better than Hoover. He had a plan and stuck by it. He gave the people hope and they had so much faith in him.

He gave it all to be the best and that was all the people wanted.He got us through World War 1 a real hard time for many. They wanted to know they were being cared for and thought of. That’s what he gave to the people. Their economy grew with him. The people loved and cherished him. At the end of the day he did what was best for the country. He gave his all and accomplished what no other president could do.   

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